Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming home to a sleeping baby:(

I was on leave today, initial plan was to spend time with Tia. unfortunately i had to send my car to the service centre where i waited for 2+ hours, came back n took mom to lunch, then go off to my bodytone training.

By the time i got home she's already nicely tucked in and fat asleep. i feel sad everytime i found her like this after a long day.yes she gets naughtier everyday as she develop her own mind and iq and yes i have to admit that sometimes i had to pass her to my mom or the maid cuz i couldnt handle her but i really wish i had more time with her to watch her grow.

Tiana started babbling adadada ayayaya this morning. usually its just aaah. i was amazed.alhamdulillah i got to witness that first:') i think she's also teething cuz she bites n eats everything, drenching her soft toy like its been thrown out of the window while its raining.if i put my finger in her mouth she will clamp real hard (and i mean reaal hard) with her toothless gum. she also opens n closes her mouth so many times as if massaging her gums together.

i can never get enuf of my baby. i feel like taking a solid week off just to be with her.we'll c.ehe.till then:)

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