Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby bows and hair clippies

I made these infant clippies with non slip grip velcro stickers.

Unfortunately tia's hair is still too short n ultra fine so they slipped off pretty easy. they're supposed to adhere to super fine hair but they're pretty useless atm. think i needta design something which would actually stick on her hair.

I made her wear the red ribbon one n 10mins later i found her nibbling on it...not good not good. ok on to the next baby project :D


  1. nice! i was actually planning on making a pacifier tie clip but had not had a chance to get those velcro stickers. did u manage to find a small/narrow one or did u have to cut them out from a bigger sized velcro?

  2. thanks! started making one felt project and got hooked on it. cant believe i didnt follow ur blog but i am now n i enjoy reading it:)just realized u're Dr Fatin's friend hehe.

    I just got those bigger sized velcro. they sell per meter n i just cut them into smaller pieces..wanted to find nice stretchable lace to make hairbands but cudnt find:(


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