Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mommy Review: Snoozaboo Sleeping Bag

A few weeks ago, i had the shock of my life one morning when i peeked into Tiana's cot and she was gone. haha. where? under her comforter! we used the one from Aussino so it was thick and kind of heavy. Little T has been flipping over on her tummy when she's asleep. at that time she had a runny nose so maybe she woke up several times during the night to readjust her position. poor baby. in the morning her head ended up being where her feet was the night before. we're talking 180degrees turn weh.

I've always googled up baby sleeping bags even before she was born. i even had one link on this blog just so that i cud come back to it when needed one day. did not buy cuz i thought it was unnecessary but since that incident last week, like all concerned mothers, straight away get my butt out of the house to buy one. otherwise i'll be waking up every ow and then at night to check on her pulse or check if she's still breathing. haha.

There are actually 2 brands that i've found and both are comparative to each other. The Dreambag and Snoozaboo. both are available online and in some shops around KL. nearest store selling the Dreambag is in Pavilion. But since I go for my twice a week training in Bangsar, decided to grab a Snoozaboo bag since they sell it in Bangsar Village itself at this shop called Blue Dot Baby.