Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Of Airports and Goodbyes.

Daddy radzli left for the US. i just dropped him off at KL sentral this evening. he was sent to Miami for a conference by one of the drug companies.

5 years was how long he studied in Ireland while we were in a relationship. it was a difficult time for me (dont know about him though,looked like he had fun haha) so u see, i really cant get the hang of airports and goodbyes.

Today just brought me back to those times i cried after he called saying 'ok they're calling me. it's time to go now', soaked myself in the bathtub for 2 hours while he's at the airport waiting for departure, and holding back tears at the dispensing counters the next morning. also that, not including how i changed my lifestyle (socially, dance, pole exercise) and image (red/gold hair @.@) just to distract myself from missing him too much. all those great lengths. cuz trust me, it hurts every single time. and this evening just really reminded me of those years. it still hurts now even though he'll only b away till this sunday. listening to those airport paging voices calling this flight n that flight over the phone is just somehow not very bearable to me. so see, i am so bad at airports and goodbyes.

I want to believe i've improved. less clingy since we had tia. perhaps because at least if he's away or working long hours i'll always have a piece of him with me. his eyes, his expression, his intelligence. all embedded in little Tia. i love him and tia very much.

So it's gonna be just me and you baby Tia. sunday will perhaps come in no time. i know it will seem ages to me but it will come. wanting this week to swoosh by really quick.oh well.


  1. Just bumped into your blog by chance and our babies are about the same age, 5+ months. :) My hubby worked in Europe for 1 year too during our dating days, so tough. Let alone 5 years for you! Then we were separated in Singapore / KL for a few months after marriage. I was travelling every 1-2 weeks to meet him. Finally settled down together when pregnant. Treasure times together and yes, having a baby makes things easier when hubby's outstation. He stil l travels nowadays, but I've got 2 boys to keep my hands full. Happy blogging and enjoy Mummyhood! :)

  2. hi MieVee, thanks for visiting my blog! looks like our stories are almost the same:)i totally understand that even 1 year is very difficult..which is why, sending him to the airport after all those years made me sad. like drowning in deja vu! anyway may us both be strong and happy always:)


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