Friday, April 6, 2012

Our friday.

I guess one of the best benefits of being a government servant and working at a hospital 10 minutes away from home minus the traffic is that I get to go home to spend some time with my baby girl during our long friday lunch break:)

Well i did get a bit jaded from being stuck in the same unit of the same hospital since the past 5 years but for this purpose, i guess i would consider to stay on, be a little bit more patient and bear the boredom. oh well. purpose of working is for family anyway.

This afternoon i laid her down on my sister's pink beanbag and she sat there adorably quiet.did not move an inch.maybe it was too comfy! or maybe she was just sleepy.heheh.masyaAllah u are the cutest thing, Tiana. u are monmy n daddy's cutest thing :)

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