Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tea Gathering with Babies at Bistro 42, Bangsar Village 2

Last weekend, the colleagues planned a girly tea get together. fancy schmancy it is, but it does feel good to meet up outside the hospital grounds on a non-working day just to chit chat. They also wanted to meet the babies- you see, we have a mommy club going on in our workplace. 3-4 of us got pregnant and delivered around the same time and thus our babies are all the same age, shy of a few weeks, maximum 3 months gap.

We booked a loong table at Bistro 42, Bangsar Village II. the babies arrived one by one instead of together so each got their own limelight. there were a lot of 'awwww' and then 'i wanna carry!' and then snaps of photo from cams and iphones. oh they were so stars of the day!

Tia was a good baby throughout our meetup..a bit overwhelmed by the attention she got, and towards the end merengek because she felt sleepy. my maid took care of it. haha. i noticed that she recognizes me and her daily caregivers now cuz when a stranger carries her, she'll start to cry. not very loudly but soft, shy cry is how i would describe it. hehe. she did get quite acquainted to rachel mybe because she has met her. but all is good, it was a very good day and the Bistro 42 tea set which comes with smoked salmon sandwiches and quiche and scones and marshmallows and many others was really good:) i super like their creme brulee tea.

Enjoy these photos. and till next post!
Our yummy tea set...we ordered 5 tea sets cuz we came in a large group ^.^

Tia arrived in her stroller with this stoned expression for like, 10 minutes. Just woke up from Car seat nap.
All the attention she got
Yours truly n chubby tia

Honeybedazzled and cutie baby aleena
Tia wanted to be friends.

Tia wanted her mummy back haha!

Tia getting comfortable with her unty Rachel.

Stars of the day.

Tia is getting pretty sociable. heheh.

much love,

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  1. The babies are so cute! Happy Thanks giving to you and your family!

    tea cozy


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