Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tia had her First Fall.

While i was at work last wednesday a text from my dad came in. 'call ayah.....quick'. silent red warning signs n alarms rang in my head like immediately. oh my goodness what happened to tia?

She fell off the bed. under the watch of my mom n the maid. 2 person versus 1 baby.

Apparently they were dressing her up. my mum turned her back to look for a toy and the maid was doing i-dont-know-what and in a blink of an eye she fell and hit the side of her face on the playpen or somewhere. sigh..

Of course i had the shock of my life. she's only 5 months old. dah jatuh katil? nak marah pun ada..but if my mum merajuk who else is gonna take care of tia when i go to work?:-/ before i cud respond, my dad knowingly told me 'nanti cakap baik2 ngn mama masa balik nanti.she was hysterical tadi. now i let her rest up while i take over taking care of baby'.

I would say she has been saved by Allah and her guardian angels. alhamdulillah she didnt hit her head. i spent the rest of my working hours worrying of a concussion..she had a tiny blue black mark at the side of her face which is not noticeable from far.and as usual, i blamed myself for not being there to take care of her myself.

She has been a very active baby these past few days.she's still very quiet, and her coos and laughs are very priceless n only reserved for her chosen ones. but she moves around a LOT. nak pakaikan diaper, pusing. nampak toy, mengesot laju dengan muka semangat berkobar-kobar. one minute u see her head is this side, the next she's already somewhere else. i usually spread out a thin mattress and a comforter on the tv room floor to let her roll about all around. she loves the big space.

daddy had to distract baby while mummy's dressing her up.

A few friends reassured me that it's normal.all babies fall. some even from high chairs. bt being a medical freak i am, i worry about concussion or brain injury mainly. so here r some of the stuff u have to check out if ur babies hav a fall:

1. softness at the spot the baby hit her head
2. vomiting
3. loss of consiousness/ sleep longer than normal or inactive.
4. cries non stop
5. not eating.

and bring to the hospital if any of the above happens.

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