Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Nibbler Review.

We were browsing through the Baby Expo once upon a time and found this awesome gadget called the baby fresh food feeder or nibbler. Impressed with the marketing skills of the demonstrator we decided to get one since it's priced reasonably at RM28. they sell these nibblers in two sizes/age group: 4m+ and 6m+. we got the 6m+ one.

It looks just like a pacifier and comes with a chain to clip on the baby's clothes too.i think it's designed for traveling too cuz it came with a cap. so basically this nibbler is what it is because mummy puts in a teeny bit of food like banana, steamed apple/pear or biscuits in it and lets baby nibble on it:) i always give her Farley's Rusk bits in this nibbler cuz i'm a bit worried that she'll swallow a whole chunk and choke on it although it melts in the mouth.

So the cons of this nibbler? it's real fun to watch baby nibble n suck on it..but on my personal opinion, perhaps this might form kind of a bad eating habit..who knows when she grows up she wants to nibble all the time..which will lead to junk food binges.but then again that's probably thinking too far. and my mom mentioned the other day that baby might be sucking a lot of air while nibbling on it. i dont usually agree with her (cuz imma konon smartypants like that) but this statement makes sense. 

Overall, i do think this is a cool gadget especiall for fun/leisure eating while travelling or outings..i've brought it on our mamak breakfast outing once and we liked how she kinda eats together with us. hehe. and especially for those kids who are picky eaters or difficult to suap..they might find this nibbler fascinating and nibblenibblenibble all the way:)

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  1. bestnya..maybe good to try for my second baby.ilyaas too big for this one.thanks for sharing


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