Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More baby food talk:)

Yet another baby food post. hehe.

I usually make tia's baby puree after i've put her to bed. tia has a pretty constant bedtime. Everyday she falls asleep somewhere around 7.30pm to 8.30pm. I guess it depends on how full and tired she is. I decided to skip on the Heinz and processed foods for as long as i can. because as you know, i failed breastfeeding, and i'm away at work most of the day..so i do my 'cooking' (more of steaming and blending) the night before i go to work. just so that baby rasa air tangan ibu sendiri walaupun tak jumpa satu hari. I puree her food every alternate days. at the most i keep the foods for 4-5 days in the freezer. on weekends i make her meals fresh.

Which reminds me, baby fair is this weekend and we need a food jar so we can bring her food around on outings. hehe.

Since tia has been on solids for roughly 3 weeks already and i now combine all the foods that i have introduced. carrot apple seems to be her favourite so far. other combinations are like:

-broccoli- pumpkin

As usual everytime i introduce new foods i give it in the morning. this is so that if her tummy does hurt, it will be during the day and we could intervene it without disturbing her sleep at night. she needs em growth hormones baby. hehe

She eats 3x a day now actually. i know this is fast moving but she takes only fruits and vege so i figured it should be ok to add Cerelac Brown Rice cereal in the morning so that she's also taking grains in her diet. i know it's cheating but she loves it, and the cereal does come in handy on rainy days and travelling. nanti kalau tak introduce kena bawak blender everywhere pulak.

Last night i wanted to attempt this recipe off Annabel Karmel's book but decided that the broccoli-zucchini-potato is a bit bland for tia who has been eating lots of fruits lately so i decided to substitute the zucchini with carrot for some flavor and puree zucchini on its own. reason being she might not like zucchini cuz even mommy's not a big fan of it. i was just thinking of the nutrition of it :D

(btw zucchini is also known as courgette and it's a summer squash)....wikipedia of the day:)

Annabel Karmel baby recipe books borrowed from my aunty:)

Apple, carrots and potato in steamer

Broccoli & zucchini

Broccoli-pumpkin puree i made last week. colour isnt that interesting but baby loves it:)

My parents are happy with what i've done and i really treasure this statement of my dad's:
"What you've been doing for her is good...she's been growing very nicely and developing new skills fast. hold the chicken first.".......:')

that was the statement when i asked them if i shud introduce chicken now since she is a week shy from 7 month old.

Done- puree labeled with name and date.
Puree on the left side for lunch, right side for dinner. for breakfast -cerelac. now into the feezer we go!

I hope i can continue making her food and will not run out of ideas on what to cook for her till she grows up. perhaps this is how mothers get or improve their skills..once they have their own kids they somehow learn how to cook. if they dont know how to cook like me. i didnt really know how to peel fruits before this (just because i favor vege better and because i'm just undomestic like that). i'll try to be a better cook for the family:)

Til then, toodles!


  1. Cooking for my baby is getting to be more exciting that cooking for myself & hubby. :p
    Tia is such a gem ! Nak pinch those cheeks !

    1. how truuue...think im better at cooking for baby rather than husband and me hehehe

  2. superb gila sab!!!! amazing. unlike me. demotivated cause aleena hates everything hahahahhahahhahahahaha
    xpe la minum susu sudah.

    1. steam ngn blend je..xamazing mana pun hehe. u got em babycubes..by the end of the week bgtau cane outcome dia!


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