Friday, May 18, 2012

Sabby's Guide to Homemade Baby Food.

I've learnt quite a bit on baby solid food since we started weaning tiana. i've been referring to this website a lot: Wholesome Baby Food .  also a little bit of Annabel Karmel and another website called Homemade Baby Food.

We followed the four day rule at first..but after seeing that tia seems to be ok we decreased down the four day wait to 3 days. lol. we did give avocado on the very first day, then skipped solids cuz i had to go to melaka for a course (sigh) then started her with something else the next 2 days. i know, a bit cacat. anyhow, her solids introduction week went like this:

Day 1-day 4: Carrots puree (lunch)
Day 5- day 8: Avocado puree (lunch), Carrots puree (dinner)
Day 9 - day 13: Apple puree (lunch), Avocado puree (dinner)
Day 14- day 18: Pumpkin puree (lunch), Apple puree (dinner)
Day 19- day 23: Pear puree (lunch), Pumpkin puree (dinner)

I usually introduce new food for lunch and give the previously introduced food for dinner so that if she does get a wouldnt be in the night. Days after that schedule i combine all the fruits n vege that i have introduced so she could taste different flavours. So she has had pumpkin-avocado, pear-avocado, apple-avocado, apple-pear, oh and banana too. she loved the banana-apple-pear combo i made her. hehe

I skipped the 4 day rule for banana. i gave her to nibble a bit n i included in the combinations...alhamdulillah ok O.O

I use Baby Cubes to store tia's puree. i dont make them in bulk...i cook and blend on alternate days so the food wont be stored that long. i store 2oz at a time cuz thats how much she eats...i put the cube containers on their tray, label item and date and freeze. first thing in the morning take out and thaw for lunch.

yummy pumpkin puree
Labelled baby cubes.

The other day my mom bought 3 readily riped avocados so i tried the ice cube storage method. if u leave the avocado outside, it will get overripe and turn bad easy. so i puree them and pour into our ice cube tray, cover with a cling wrap and freeze. next day i remove all the cubes and put them in my unused breastmilk storage bags. berguna jugak akhirnya bag2 tersebut. haha.From what i read these cubes can be used for 1 month. Last night i mixed 1 cube with 2oz of pumpkin-apple for her dinner.

Puree in tray before freezing
End product:)
I wanted to try sweet potatoes but they give me really bad gas so maybe not i'm gonna try give her peas, squash, prunes, papaya. i'm actually really bad at choosing fruits. must learn for the sake of tia. haha. that's all for today. here's a video of tia making sour face eating apples ehen i introduced it to her for the first time:)

Till then<3

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  1. the enjoyable part has arrive! :) yaaay, i suka buat baby puree.
    happy moment for mummy kn, sbb puas hati nmpak anak makan hasil air tangan kita..
    well done dear =)


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