Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weaning little Tia - first solid food experience

Phewh first and foremost i'd like to apologize for the lack of posts here..i mustve lost readers..dahla sikit aje reader blog ni. ish. internet connection has been really whack. not only at work but at home too.sigh. cant upload any pics from the slr at all..

Little Tia is now 6 months! how time flies..and what's so special about 6 months old? starting solids! oo mommy's excited:) actually...everyone in the family was excited. hehe. ok no again, actually it was mixed feelings for me. little tia grows up so fast! one minute u were breastfeeding her and she was tiny and fragile, now she's eating what adults are eating :')

So i went out to collect the supplies i need to prepare for tia's first meal. i've done a lot of research on this one, and i think i've still got lots to study up. baby tia's a bit chubby, so i didnt want to start her on rice porridge. wanted to make her fruits and vege puree while i can. plus, these foods wont constipate her and contain lots of nutrients that she needs too.

I got those cute plastic bibs from Toys R Us- 30bux for 2 pieces, some baby cubes to store my puree in since i decided to give her homemade food, a nuby feeder (which is actually unnecessary but i just had to-_-), a Baeba silicone spoon (which is my fave till now) and a weaning bowl by pigeon.

I thought and thought and thought and decided to start her on avocados.

Um, yes i know it's back to square one for me cuz this fruit (yes it's a fruit, not a vegetable) is loaded with fats. but it's a brain food. and i am kind of obsessed with trying to make my baby a smart one. lol. i sound like a horrible mom. and since i don't like avocados too. why in the world would i feed my baby that. but hey, i read that many babies actually favor the taste so decided to give it a try.

I had no experience in buying avocados. i stood in front of a basketful of avocados in Mercato, Pavilion googling on 'how to choose avocado for baby puree'. u're supposed to choose one that is soft when u press...but the whole basket was hard avocados. so after googling some more, i put an avocado with an apple in a brown bag and i have a ripe fruit in 2 days, voila:)

So i simply cut the avocado in two, throw out the stone, scoop out the meat with a spoon and blend it into a puree. i did not get the famous Avent Steamer and Blender cuz i thought later on when she's a bit older i would like to follow annabel karmel's recipes instead of blandly steaming n blending.

So the excited mom hurriedly put the baby in a bumbo seat, put on the oversized bib on her and fed the puree for the first time. how'd she take it? very very well:) so proud of her. she finished one whole cube of avocado. which was about 1oz. 

These are the only pics i can upload at the moment..and that was tia's first solid food experience. 28th April 2012, at 5 months 26 days old. I will blog more about solids later..like what i have been feeding her and how i juggle work and eherm. pureeing baby food.hehe. till then, much love from me:)


  1. My ref for solid food wholesomebabyfood.com...then nowadays joinlah fb group- HSFFYB...

  2. same here! n i just joined the group u mentioned..thanx babe!


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