Friday, June 22, 2012

Chicken and Sweet Potatoes with Apricot Puree:)

Ok today i'd like to share a baby recipe!^.^

Since tiana is already 7 and a half months, we decided to introduce chicken as a source of protein into her meals. here's a recipe i took from Annabel Karmel's 100 baby puree book. 

So you need chicken,sweet potato and dried apricots. all can be found in a regular supermarket. 

Wash your chicken and cut into cubes. preferably use chicken breast cuz it's more fleshy. sweet potato also cut into cubes. wash dried apricots under running water and cut into twos. set aside.

left to right: chopped apricots, sweet potato, chicken.

Heat a little knob of unsalted butter and sautee a little bit of sliced onion. before onion turns brown, put in all the 3 ingredients and sautee around a bit till chicken is sealed.

sautee a little bit of onion.

sealed chicken.

Next pour in water till in covers chicken and the potatoes and bring to boil, then let it simmer for 10-15mins to make sure the potatoes are soft. voila! it's ready:) kalau rajin, you can make homemade chicken stock and use that instead of water. sebab i malas i used water. hehe.

Puree the dish in a food processor or blender. i love the Avent Steamer and Blender cuz it gives the right consistency. i know i said before that i didnt want to get it at first but i did anyway (after i almost spoilt my mom's blender due to overheating and heavy duty use. hehe) and it's worth it after all. hehe. if puree appears too thick, add some water and blend summore til u get your preferred consistency.

And here is baby tia in her baby chair waiting for her first chicken dish ^.^

Babies might make a face at first taste, only because they've only tried fruits and vege. but no worries. it doesnt mean that she doesnt like it. she's just trying to get used to the taste. keep on giving 2-3 meals and you will see improvement;) i feel like it's a good nutritious meal cuz u have protein from chicken, carbohydrate from sweet potatoes and zinc,iron and other vitamins from apricot. and also sweet potatoes and apricots provides sweetness to the food and makes it more palatable for babies.

Alritey, that's it and Good Luck!

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