Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy 7 months old Tiana Jezmine! <3

Our tia is now 7 months old! during her last vaccination at 6 and a half months she weighed 8.7kg and 64cm tall. thankfully not in the red shaded percentile in the growth chart. she's thriving very well..we were concerned about her weight gain at first but she seemed pretty hyper everyday so hopefully she'll be fine..

so..achieved milestone at 7 months (so far):
1. more precised baby babble. this one i noticed when i was watching her old videos (which actually almost brought tears to my eyes seeing how much she has grown:-/)...last time "aa aa aih" now is "dadadada eteh eteh"
2. seems to have fun blowing raspberries over n over. "aaaaa..pfffffffttt" ..not that much amusing when ure trying to feed her solids.heheh
3. discovered that she can scream n make throaty she does it when she wants milk, when she's sleepy or wants to be picked up from her stroller (plus arms wide open).
4.loves "If u're happy and u know it clap ur hands!"...never fails to put a smile on her face, some squeals and some aggressive hand legs flapping session.

5. can commando crawl. yep, still cant crawl properly. but man this girl is so good at it, she can reach from one end of our corridor to the other in less then 20secs! and bcuz sometimes she just turn from tummy to her back whenever she wants to n hits her head on the floor, we decided to get her one of those spongy pvc crawling mat. she loved it. belek2 gambar then squeals n happily crawl n explore the whole mat before going back out onto the floor-_-
6. still sitting supported but a bit stronger than last month.

7. loves eating.likes to dip in her fingers into her bowl. so must hold it far away from her reach.she dipped the remote control in her pumpkin meal once and smacked the bowl away from my grip once.aiya.

8. stranger's anxiety is slowly coming. cries till sobbed when surrounded by too many people or being carried by someone she doesnt know.boy we hav a lotta work to do introducing her to her pd grandparents everytime they visit.

9. bouncebouncebounce is all she does if we support her under her armpits n put her in standing position.i loove this cute! n she can go on n on for a long time. she's tiny with huge amount of energyy.

10. fell off the bed twice. this is another story. scared me like hell. disturbed her sleep that night just to check that she didnt hav a concussion:-/
11. hair has gotten longer n was commented of having punk hair in the klcc elevator on one outing day hehe.

that's all for now..tiana gets more adorable to us everyday. i miss her so much everyday when im at work..i really wish i could stay at home with her to witness all her milestones no matter how hyper she reality check pls. impossible:(
much love everyone! -sab


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