Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tia's crawling pains.

Tiana started pseudo-crawling by the age of 4 months..
By pseudo-crawl i mean the army crawl. like a soldier at training or in the jungle.
Tummy on the floor, pushing forward with toes and and pulling forward with forearms.
Well at 4 months it was barely an army crawl, with so much struggle.
but now at 7 and a half months she crawls like a real soldier escaping bullets. hehe. as fast as the real crawl and has us chasing after her and picking her up from dangerous areas.

I bought her a crawling mat, a real expensive one. but beli je la sebab sayang anak. a Dwinguler Mat, which i got from the recent PWTC baby expo. it is made from PVC and about 1.3cm thick. hajat di hati supaye anak tak sakit tangan kaki masa merangkak. but babies are babies, and as curious as they are, little T somehow isnt really interested in all those colourful pictures on the mat. instead she loves to go beyond it. right onto my parents' hardwood laminated floor and towards extension plugpoints, wires, and dusty baskets. potential rule breaker, i hope not!

So as a result from this, one fine day we found this:

A bloodied blister from army crawling around on hardwood floor:( i got scared looking at it cuz i had one thanks to my crocs a few weeks ago and it HURTS so bad in the shower. but after researching i read that her pain receptors are still not well developed and so babies wont really fuss about the pain. and also that blisters are common in crawling babies. because i was still skeptical, i gave my husband the honor of bathing tia for the first time with the blister. alhamdulillah she didnt cry or fuss around in her water filled bathtub. instead she had fun splashing around just like everyday. :D

So as an intervention, everytime we sat her down for playtime i make her wear leg warmers. i dont usually make her wear longpants cuz of the hot weather. so pakaikan masa main je. and i also bought knee and elbow guards from OneBabyWorld. extra measures. hehe. 

At the moment she's still learning how to sit by herself, as in pull up from tummy position. she will sit on one butt with one leg up and with one arm supported. funny! hehe. but assisted, she can sit well by herself. that's pretty convenient since we can put her in a babychair when we go out to eat. and we're still waiting for her to crawl properly on her hands and knees. she will get to that, we believe. asalkan she's mobile and happy, we're happy:)

till next update!

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