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Travelling with a Baby - Sydney, Australia


Hoo boy how long has it been since the last post! this blog for sure have been losing readers..but hey here i am back again with what could be a useful post for mommies and daddies out there (self declared:).

First things first, some updates. things have been crazy busy for us three. Daddy has been doing a lot of locums and whenever he's not, both Tia and I are busy spending time together as a family. I have been quite occupied at work myself, and my after working hours are occupied with baby T especially now when she's perfectly crawling and leisurely, curiously climbing and cruising furnitures. lets just reserve that for another post.

Recently, the 3 of us went for our very first trip as a family. to Sydney, Australia. a major milestone for us. and what an adventure it has been. It was exhausting, but fulfilling. and never for once we regretted bring our baby with us. in fact, looking forward for the next trip:) for Tia it was her first for most activities: First trip. First tram ride. First night stroll. First ferry ride. First Aquarium and zoo visit. like i said, productive.

Which brought me to this post. here i shall provide you with tips, or rather, share our experience on travelling with a baby.specifically 8-10month old baby.

What to pack?
I wasnt sure of how cold the weather was gonna be. they said it's a transition between winter to spring. so i planned to dress her up in layers so i cud dress her up or down based on the temp. a pair of leggings (i've never bought jeans/pants for tia), long sleeved rompers and layered up with a dress. my grandma just bought her a couple of tiered and cute corduroy dresses which we are thankful for cuz they're thick enough. if it gets colder, i put a light jacket on her. i allocated an outfit per day, plus 2 extra dresses just in case of a mess/smudge. didnt need those extras in the end:) 
corduroy dress (John Lewis), long sleeved onesie(FOS), tights (Mothercare), Ugg Boots
Did this only on the 1st night cuz it there was pretty strong wind
took off her tights cuz it was panas. roughly around 25deg celcius i think.
Long sleeved top and leggings (Mothercare), Dress (John Lewis),  Leather booties (Trudy & Teddy)
What to put in a diaper bag?
When we go for outings here i always carry a huge tote bag with everything necessary and unnecessary inside. this time we have to travel light. we put all baby stuff in my Jin & Jacquie baby bag organizer and was carried by mr husband in a Deuter backpack. So on a daily basis i packed 3 feeds of formula milk, 1 feed of cerelac (in a 4 compartment milk powder container), 2 milk bottles, 4 pull up Huggies, 1 pack of scented wipes, a washcloth, a drinking cup with prefilled water, a bowl and spoon, and a thin changing pad to alas while we change her in nursery room. oh and also some bottle liquid soap in a tiny bottle to rinse the milk bottles on the go.

Australia has strict immigration policies. will they confiscate our milk and cereal powder?
My parents brought me to Perth around Tia's age. they told me those officers actually open up my milk powder can, poke a pen thru and swirl around to check for God knows what, and in the end they had to throw the whole pack and buy me some Australian formula milk. So i was pretty worried. kept on researching alternatives to substitute S26 Gold if that really happens. however, we brought a brand new, sealed pack of S26 and cerelac in our luggage to try our luck. We got through fine, they didnt even check through our luggage. happy:) however, if that happens to you and your baby is on S26 Gold, dont be scared cuz they have the same brand by Wyeth as well in the supermarkets there.yippee:)

8 hours flight to Sydney and back and our baby is a hyper one! what to doo?

haha as for this one, our departure flight from KL is fine cuz it was a midnight flight and baby's bedtime. slept the whole way like well, a baby. however, buying those Hot seats arent a good idea at all. yes if u have a smaller baby cuz they can hang a bassinet in front of you but the Air Asia bassinet is just super tiny. Tia had to sleep with her legs folded up. head pressing against the side. poor girl. so most of the flight we let her lie down on our chests. take turns. and quite a drowsy, uncomfortable 8 hours for us parents. the Hot seats arm dividers cant be lifted up and we usually put her to sleep in our laps while cross legged. no space at all! but coming back we opted for the Optiontown 3 seats in a row thingy and it was better. put her to sleep in the middle. however, we need many many things to hand to her in order to keep her busy throughout the flight. she gets bored really easy. Putting her to sleep was tricky. she's the kind that needs to be cradled to sleep. and she will fuss about if we cant do that. hubby walked up and down the aisles till she falls asleep. if that doesnt work, i'll lay her down in my lap and rock. susah kan?

How to walk around with a baby?

This one's a bit tedious. yes we brought an umbrella stroller with us.perhaps baby would wanna take a nap while we were out and about. and i bought this awesome Snoozeshade which covers up the entire baby from bright light so she wud sleep longer and not disturbed by the brightness n noisiness. it does help a lot, except that Tiana baby refuses to sit in the stroller most of the time. we were lucky enuf to bring my ringsling and baby carrier. bought both from Jumpsacbaby. and is super well worth it. go buy! haha. ada la sakit pinggang sikit2 carry a 10kg baby around sydney but i really loved it when she fell asleep on my chest while i carry her around. makes the sakit pinggang all worth it. and i lose a few kgs for doing that too;) blk terus muat jeans lama. hehe

in the ferry with tia sleeping in her Jumpsacbaby Orbit.

RIng sling in action at the Aquarium

How to bathe the baby?
Tiana bathes in a bathtub everyday, which we obviously cant bring along. the hotel we stayed at had this really nice rain shower (which is the only best feature of the hotel room).since she cant stand yet, one of us pegang, the other will soap and scrub her down. and also distract her from crawling aall over the shower floor. since we stayed in a budget hotel with a small room, we open the bathroom door while we bathe her so that the vapour and heat will get travel into our room. that way the room wont be too cold while we dress her up.
Ipad is a very useful baby distractor at any given time. lol

Baby is already on solids and has a specific meal schedule. what and where to feed her?
In this case, it's not feasible to make homemade porridge everyday. cerelac is closest to the best. so we brought along 2 feedings of cerelac together with 2 feedings of milk in our diaper bag. Lucky for us, Sydney is very baby friendly. simply pop in any shopping centres and they have a proper parents room with loads of changing tables, nursing rooms and even microwaves! we also paid frequent trips to the supermarket to get baby food. Rafferty's Garden and Heinz have many flavours. Of course we were careful to stick to vegetarian and seafood. some flavors we've tried was Fish pie, Spinach risotto, Creamy Tuna Pasta with Mornay, Chocolate custard (favourite!) and Mango yogurt. Good thing Tiana wasnt picky. she ate everything like a pro. We feed her at our usual times; breakfast 8am in the hotel before we go out, lunch at around 1pm on site may it be the park or parents room, and dinner 630pm. also wherever we are at the time.

How to change baby when she does a poo poo?

Okay this is the issue i was most concerned of. She's already pooping adult smelling poo thanks to her solids and here at home or out and about we will wash her up in any available sink. what we can only do there was wipedown. bring lots and lots of wet wipes, pop into a nursery room and wipe as much as we can and pray hard she wont get urine infection or anything like that. hehe. oh and pureen scented wipes really goes a long way too:P oh and yes. pull up pants. especially when ure travelling with a 7-10months old wiggling baby, the pull ups come in super super handy. just buy a pack of 36's and put in ur luggage bag before you leave. if you want to travel lighter, buy some at the supermarket. changing room is everywhere. the park, the shopping malls (of course) and even at the Opera House. of course everyday we wish that she'll either  poop                before we go out or at the end of the day when we're back at the hotel but...duh. haha
Parents room in one of the shopping malls.
Feeding room
Changing station with nappy bins and microwave

Gated play area for babies
Baby Tantrums?
Fewh. what is a baby without tantrums....we are lucky that Tia is not so much of a crier or a screamer unless truly deemed necessary.lol. Her tantrums (or maybe not even called that) was only in a form of long dragging bebels and if she really cannot stand it, merengeks will come in. this happens whenever she's sleepy but could not sleep because she usually sleeps in a dark, quiet environment.she cant sleep on our shoulders like other babies would either-_-   We will usually pick her up from her stroller and carry her in the orbit carrier and she'll fall asleep. or her dad will cradle n rock her to sleep regardless of where we are, then put her back in the stroller. this, mind you, takes up quite a lot of precious travelling time.
Cradling tia to sleep while waiting for tram.
this is a rare occasion, also the one and only occasion where she falls asleep on hubby's shoulder.
Okay so i guess that's about it. hope i've got all the important points in. At least those were the points that i was worried of before we left. However, everything worked out really well in the end and we did enjoy ourselves although focusing on childcare and travel in one go is super exhausting.no feeling of regret at all, and we're definitely ready to do it again next time:) it's just nice that we go thru the best n the worst together as a family. till next post, sabby.- xxx  


  1. wow! thanks for the info!
    sangat2 berguna! :)
    nak bli carrier la..bole kurus kan badan..kih3

    1. hehe no problemo, thanks for visiting:) yes sile beli carrier tu. mmg cool boleh turun kilo!

  2. Very good info!Planning to travel with baby too.sgt berguna info ni.thanks


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