Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Recipe : Chawanmushi (Japanese Steamed Egg)

This time it's not an Annabel Karmel recipe.

This one is inspired by this blog.

I'm a big fan of chawanmushi - which means steamed egg in japanese. it has just the right texture for first time introduction to babies. Eggs are supposed to be introduced to babies starting from 7-8 months if im not mistaken, but we never really let tia try. why? dont know....somehow terbypass pulak. however now she's 1 yr old, so i guess no problem kot. malas wana introduce sikit2. yolk first la a few days, then white egg...ah tedious. 

Chawanmushi are a liiitle bit like an omelette, minus the oil and a healthier version cuz it's steamed. you'll need:

-A steamer pot (or a rice cooker steamer basket, no problem)
- A Japanese chawanmushi porcelain cup (I got mine from Daiso, only rm5)
-1 Egg
-Bits of chicken/fish/any protein which you think will not taste weird with egg
-Bits of vege (I used celery in this recipe)

*the chawanmushi i usually eat has crabstick, salmon roe, gingko nut, sharksfin sometimes. u can try put those in if you're cooking it for yourself or the daddy:)

So according to the recipe in the above mentioned blog, chicken/fish stock isnt too difficult to make. no need to steam chicken bones for hours. I used my good ol Avent steamer/blender to steam bits of chicken and celery for about 15-20mins. after the ting! turn the blender upside and there you'll get the chicken stock which should be enough to mix together with the egg.

Now the rule is that portion of egg and stock must be 1:1. so if lets say there is 30ml of egg in your bowl, your stock will have ta be 30ml too. otherwise the egg will be either too runny or too stiff after steaming.

All you have to do is whisk the egg, pour in the stock, add some soyasauce so it wont be too tasteless, mix, and campak all your bits of chicken n vege into the porcelain cup. put the cover on and put the cup in the steamer. that's the second of steaming. like so:

After 20mins, walla....chawanmushi is ready.

Tia as usual, likes it. hehehe. Alhamdulillah i was granted a non picky, and an adventurous eater baby. like mommy:P i feel its good for smaller babies cuz the egg is super soft! texture similar to pudding. so whoever's interested, happy trying!

lotsa luv, Sabby

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