Monday, November 26, 2012

Details of Tia's 1st Rainbow Birthday Bash

I have to admit i did get carried away with Tia's party planning. i got satisfaction from planning her previous cukur jambul..and loved the gorgeous pictures it provided us to be nice embedded in i wanted the same for this too.i started looking for ideas n inspiration online a few months before the bash. I read somewhere that babies would not understand yet if we make it a cartoon character party so i dedicated the theme to her cognitive development. Colours. A rainbow party! and with hopes that her life onwards will be filled with happy colours:) i pictured a nicely decorated candy buffet, and a photobooth. and nice catered food.

Party Decor
My good friend Maria has always been a creative one. she's a graphic designer for a reason. i was impressed with her wedding last June. so many DIYs, and yet so beautiful. so i asked her tips. we brainstormed the decor design n not spend anymore! we're DIYing everything! its gonna b a lot of effort but it brings so much satisfaction in the end. we bought cheap crepe (rm0.60 each) n coloured papers (rm3 for set of 20), all colours of the rainbow. scrapbook papers. aand...origami papers from Daiso. rm5 per pack, 180 sheets of colourful paper. and so every night, after Tia has gone to bed...i will sit and fold as many fans as i can. and fluff as many pompom flowers as i can.
Fans and pompoms drafted out before been stuck on the glass door
So here is how our candy buffet and photobooth look like:

Does it look like one of those Martha Stewart or pinterest photos? ^.^

Photobooth with tia's 12 month banner. tools: scrapbook papers, helium balloons, and  plain coloured cotton  fabric
month numberings for banner made from felt.

Party Printables
I wanted customized water bottles. pretty rainbow printables. posters. thank you tags, menu placecards. after googling around like crazy n calculating, it came up to around an extra rm200-300. minus designing fee. some charge rm40, some rm80. Dear Azalea did good for tia's cukur jambul but this time around they were a bit slow with email replies and a bit too stiff with delivery/postage. pickup location pun very inconvinient to me. their design r undeniably good though. but Maria is willing to help me design the printables. and it turned out so pretty...she had to use up some after office hours but i am ever so grateful for it. really cant thank her enough. all i had to do is find a good printing company and print on good quality paper. all the printing costed about JUST rm25. believe it. mineral water labels je rm40 cuz it was good sticker paper. really save money kann?
Her gorgeous artwork. please contact me if u're interested in printables produced by her^.^
Customized water bottle labels

Colourful menu placecards
Event poster

Candy Buffet Sweet Treats

Our candy buffet menu was a combination of talented vendors. Loova mini pavlova n pavlova bites, rainbow cupcakes n cookies by Sugar Rush who's also a colleague of mine at that time, colourful apams by nur eimi, and tia's gorgeous rainbow cake by Bite Me. the cake really tasted as nice as it look. i would definitely order again from them for future birthdays. however, hopefully they improve on their customer service n the replying of emails/text. n they didnt provide knife together with the cake so we couldnt cut the cake for guests>.< Our candies are all bought from a candy supplier store in bandar baru ampang n ampang waterfront and we still have a LOT of balance from the party. siapa nak makan semua marshmallows ituu-_-

Everyone's fave...choc fondue!

Rainbow cookies by Ilina Jamaludin of Sugar Rush, and part of yummy Loova pavlovas. they  are gone so fast nobody got a chance to take a good pic of it!

The Birthday cake

Awesome bumble bee, hello kitty and rainbow apams
Red velvet cupcakes with rainbow decor by Sugar Rush

Since this is a one year old baby and many guests are babies...i decided to put in some real healthy baby treats for them:)
Farleys rusks and Baby bites (which are actually gone by the end of party!)
And of course we have the real food stuff: Spaghetti Bolognese, ABC soup and Chicken chop in mushroom sauce. ps: so sorry bout the ABC soup. i really thought it was the tomato soup with ABC shaped pasta inside. terkejut and agak bengang la when i found out it was plain chinese basic soup>=( I ordered from the caterers Cassian Kitchen

I found these cute ice cream and cupcake doodolls in pink and blue and decided to give these to our young some bubble bottles for the bigger kids. i attached a customized thank you tag to each doodoll.

Kids Play Area

No games yet since this is a one year old party....but we have ball pits! I got this awesome car from Mothercare at 50% off. super deal, definitely. and i borrowed a baby gym from a friend. Tiana loved the baby gym. It was as big as a playpen and very very sturdy. but you cant have it all baby:) I bought two packs of 100 balls to fill up the inflatables and rolled open her evamatic mat and a tikar underneath (jadi evamatic mat tak kotor. hehe). voila! those babies did look like they were having a ball of a time. mummy sabby is grateful^.^

So basically covers everything.....i have to say i saved a lot on many items of the party. I am glad that it was a successful one and we had really awesome and memorable pictures. we are so grateful for those who attended, and are very sorry for any inconvinience caused at was our first time hosting a party in a condo. Hope you mommies who r planning ur 1 year old birthday bash find this post useful..till then, much love!


  1. Everything's sooo pretty !! Happy Birthday Tia ! :)

  2. Love2x your idea!sooo pretty.make me wanna diy for my son's birthday too.even blum cukup setahun lg tp sgt excited tgk idea mcm ni:-)

  3. It was really pretty n nice for a baby-girl birthday!! I wonder where u got a lot of time to make this for weekdays are always occupied with office works, house works like laundry, cooking for dinner, playing with izzul n finally bf him till he sleep..but great you have done it with successfully :) how i wish to come n have the fun together..maybe for next time?? invite me tau ;p

  4. Happy Birthday Tia. Dekat mana u buat birthday party ni?


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