Saturday, November 17, 2012

the 9-12 Months Old Tiana Jezmine.

How time flies.

Tiana is now 1 year old. not a baby anymore, and not yet a toddling 1 year old too. but she will always be my baby no matter how old she is. 1 year, 12 years, 16, 20 or 40 years old.

Sorry i havent been updating much. a lot has happened since my last post (which was last 2 months)..there have been changes which happen to the 3 of us. mommy, daddy and tiana. however lets just recall tia's changes throughout our mia:)

Tiana at 9 months old.

First Raya as a family. a lot of travelling but we braved through it! was exhausting for baby since our raya wasnt a week long, we usually wrap up all the visiting in 3 days. didnt realize she pooped and slept thru it all the way from K.Pilah to PD and the traffic back was insane. she must've been super exhausted.

Tiana at 10 months old.

Ok where do i start, a lot of firsts happened in this month.
First flight. First vacay. First zoo visit. First tram ride (which was also mommy's first time).
To sum it up, everything was first time to her during our Sydney trip.

Tiana can finally crawl! she has been perfecting her army crawl since 4 month old and was apparently comfortable doing that until 10 months old. for one thing army crawling gets her to places much faster than the normal ordinary crawl. However it didnt take too long for her to crawl fast everywhere. only the first couple of days were slow and unstable.

Other than that...oh yea. first tooth:)
It did show up pretty late but yup, at 10 months old baby Tia cut her first tooth.
No fever. alhamdulillah.
Her 2nd tooth came out not long after.

Tiana at 11 months old.

Number of teeth: 5. fast right?
Now she climbs on sofas and walls and tables her height and cruise along.
However still too lazy to learn to walk. unless she sees another toddler walking around.
But she'll get there. nobody crawls till the age of 30. right? she'll do it when she's ready:)

Tiana at 12 months old!

Still cruising on furnitures and her cot.
Looves water. everytime she sees swimming pool she'll start to squirm n struggle to get in.
Everytime she's in the water she'll splash around and we get to see her most cheerful smile.
Starts climbing and wont stay put in her bath tub. and because her bathtub is huge she always slip and fall. risau la terseliuh ke ape. and i have been losing weight trying to hold on to her in the bathtub and dress her up after that. should take a video of that one day.
Still eats porridge. when o we graduate to real solids eh? she always choke on big pieces of food-_-
We dont blend her pasta stars anymore.
I'm planning to give her overcooked soft rice and steamed fish or soup soon.
She had her first Rainbow birthday party. and that will b in another post!

Til then, stay tuned<3

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