Wednesday, December 19, 2012

13 months old Tia

Hi all:)

Tiana Jezmine has been growing up so well and we have our hands full on most of the days. She is 13 months now. Not yet toddling, still waiting on that milestone, but she does take a few brave bear-walk steps. so cute!we notice that her developments are pretty obvious these past few weeks.

Besides those few cubby bear steps, she can also say a few words. "Touch!" when she wants to touch something, "Nak!" when she wants something (obviously), "mm yum yum yum" when she's eating something she likes (which is basically everything sweet), and get ready for this: "Ipad!" when she wants to watch the ipad-_-

She is in an eyes-glued-to-ipad phase at the moment. mainly watching none other than Pororo, the cute little penguin and his friends. we could put that on a loop and she could spend a whole hour on it. she expected it to be switched on in a loop so that she can run off to play other things and come back when she hears a song which catches her attention. haha. well initially we played the videos on iphone so that it's easier for us to change her diaper. didnt really know how it got to this, and no we do not switch it on for the entire day. girl has to explore the real world more than technology. aiya.
Ipad/iphone moments with Tia

this is kinda cheeky- tossing down daddy's iphone and watch her favourite show from the bed-_-

I make an effort to bring Tia to the indoor playgrounds every weekend now. this is because she's been at home the entire week and i thought i should bring her out and see the world, build up her socializing skills. i always bring my maid cuz husband is almost never around. ok i should not complain about that (although i do want to, looking like a single parent all the time). So far we've been to Kizsports Bangsar Village, Great Eastern Mall, and JungleGym. There she could crawl and climb around under strict supervision of mommy and bibik. hehe (considering all the other running n jumping kids around her and she's still a crawler). Theres this once when a toddler went down the slide and leg hit right at her ribs >=( I'm gonna try make a review of the playgrounds we've been too soonish ok.
Lovin the slide

Other than playgrounds we do alot more swimming sessions too. every evening i'll pick tia up from her grandma's and back to sentul. if we reach earlier than 6, we'll go down for a dip. she is very squirmy in the pool now..too excited maybe. i tried out some tutorials on youtube on teaching  babies how to swim such as the two palms under her chest and the back float one but she's scared of the backfloat. havent got the guts to do the underwater thingy yet haha. nanti phobia terus habisss.

Ok so basically that's about it. last diet wise....she eats everything. or perhaps..wanna taste everything. she cried for a banana twice after seeing it on our kitchen rack, and still asks for a taste of our food even after she's had her dinner. her snacks in between meals now consists of steamed carrots, cheesesticks, bits of bread,  and fruits.

Ok til the next post!

mummy sabby

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