Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013.

Today is the last day of the year 2012.

It has been a great year...with so many mission accomplished, so many milestones reached, obstacles overcame, and changes dealt with. It was a year worth looking back to when we are old and white.

Our little family grew and matured throughout the year 2012. and i cherish every single experience and memory. I wish to replay each experience over and over because they all meant so much to me, to our family.

So lets recap the year 2012 shall we? 

12 Things that made 2012 worth remembering:

1. Our very first family event. The blessing ceremony of our child, Tiana Jezmine and to spend the first year with her.

2. My first wedding make up. and I cant thank you enough for the trust you've given me.

3. Welcoming the newest member to our family.

4.  A chance to dance again. 

5.  My final Pharmacist Conference with Hospital Kuala Lumpur. and how i miss these people so much now that i'm no longer one of them..

6. Our extended family....i wish to remember them like this always- happy, healthy, and Together.

7. First trip as a family....and the fun parenting adventure we had along the way:)

8. Tiana's 1st Birthday Party and how it was the most prettiest event and of which i put my whole heart into planning it.

9. Tiana's first ever cake smash and how she had fun with her rainbow cake..

10.  My new-found obsession of making my daughter's accessory my own signature.

11. Our 3rd wedding anniversary, and our 10 years as a couple, 1st year as a family. and our promise to stick together for better or for worse.

12. And friends who stick around for so many years, despite the good and the bad. and other friends who are equally meaningful.

A chapter closed. Alhamdulillah syukur for such a smooth sailing year. as for hiccups, what is life without them. Here is to another year, hopefully another awesome and memorable one. I have a whole list of resolutions in mind...but lets just keep them in here. putting it out here will make it strict and rigid and im not that kind of person. I like to go with the flow, dream and work towards it. not lay it down and make it a must to do it. I wish though, for our family ties to be stronger this year, lesser resentment and pointing fingers. I want better control of my emotions and stop acting on impulse. I want to spend lesser and save up more. but i want all the best on and for tia. I want to give Tia and husband all my love, and never giving up when i am put to test. And most of all, i wish to become a better muslimah. from the heart. InsyaAllah.

All the best and Happy New Year Everyone!

much love,

Sabby and Family

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