Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sabby-Radzli 3rd Wedding Anniversary

I cant believe i forgot to blog this!
Sabby-radzli turns THREE on the 4th December 2012.
And look what date today is.....(i'm not proud of you sabby, says the inner mind)
We actually have been celebrating our courtship anniversary for far too long to take this date for granted...sigh.
This is only because the moment we declared our commitment to each other, which was 18th Feb 2002...that was when we truly started to commit our, patience, and everything else.
4th December was our legal milestone, officially married.

We didnt do anything on this day, in fact my clueless 'romantic' husband spent the night at a clinic doing locum. hmph.

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary dear husband!
I will always and forever love you no matter how many cold wars we've had and how many tears i've shed (due to the oh-sodramaqueen-emotional-me)

Thank you for being the most patient guy on earth, for tolerating me, the bestest dad tia cud ever have (please accompany her more to the playgrounds) and for tapauing steam ketam batu when i crave for it (out of topic).

Love, sabby.

1 comment:

  1. nice party picture there..:)
    hepy anniversary..happily ever after ya..


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