Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Little Preview.

Happy New Year Everyone....

I'm currently working on this:

Just thought i'd share some of my heartfelt handmade stuff with everyone, and if possible to beautify your baby dolls too:)

Currently getting technical stuff in order. perhaps will also launch it together with a giveaway! (macam banyak sangatla readers blog ni haha)
Hopefully good way to start off the year.

Sabrina <3


  1. Hi sabrina. Im one of ur silent reader. Stumbled upon this blog since early this yr when i was carrying my baby girl kot.xigt hehe. I enjoy reading ur blog wpn jrg update hihi. Anyway cute handmade headband.mne tau bole order nt

    I saw Iqbal picture in previous post hihi. He's my friend too. Ok bye :)

    1. Hi Lisa:) thanks for reading my blog..hehe. how old is ur baby girl now? nanti jemput2 la order eh;) Iqbal is actually a friend to a friend but now dah jadi my friend hehe

  2. Oh yay, can't wait ! I hope I can't get my daughter to put on a headband, she hates having anything on her head ! :)

    1. can onee..pakaikan the headband pastu cepat2 distractkan dia:P or im gonna have clippies too. will update soon on that;)


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