Friday, January 25, 2013

The 14 Months Old Tiana

  • Started walking zombie style at the end of 13 months, and by now we have to chase her cuz she is toddling everywhere already.
  • Tantrums are coming in. Will show protest if she wants to touch or do something but we carry her away from the object of desire. She's not a cry baby though, only cries when absolutely deemed necessary. (phewh)
  • Speaking of, she either ignores the word 'No' or memang tak paham ke? aiya.
  • Still eats very well, but knows how to refuse medicine. Big fan of raisins.
  • Still sleeps through. 8-9pm til 7am....but quite difficult to be put to sleep >.<
  • Very friendly...will walk up to strangers and smile. uih merisaukan. must really keep an eye on her.
  • First toddler trip to Singapore, first waterpark experience...swam in a lifejacket TWO rounds in the adventure tunnel. mom and dad are exhausted. haha
  • Needs her favourite pillow when we go out for outings. the only thing that will put her to sleep on her own in the stroller.
  • Drinks milk 4x a day.....are we supposed to taper it down?
  • Mommy can tie a teeny weeny ponytail already using hairclip.hehe
  • Gives all animal soft toys a kiss with a 'Mmmmmmmaahhhh'
  • Knows the hand movement for the first line of the nursery rhyme 'Open Shut' an Twinkle2
  • Also very very attached to the pacifier and the Ipad. first real word: 'Ipad' -_-
  • Super loved by mummy and daddy more and more everydaaay! 

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