Friday, February 22, 2013

15 Months Old Tiana Jezmine

"During the first three years, your child's brain triples in weight and establishes about 1,000 trillion nerve connections"

It's amazing how rapid a baby's brain grows.
She was just staring cluelessly at her cot mobile once upon a time.
Now she not only climbs and pulls the stuffed rabbit on the mobile, but also push the buttons to change the song. see how different that is from just staring away?

Our angel might not be as fast developed as some of the other toddlers, but we try our best to provide and stimulate her development to keep up..

At 15 months,
Our little cheeky Tiana Jezmine can: 

  • Use the fork to poke at her fruits and bring to her mouth to eat.
  • Can climb the sofa (ok this is normal for other kids but not her. look at her size lah)
  • Walk is more stable. and can walk all around the house so many rounds in one day. and exploring everything she sees.
  • Will try to climb the stairs on her own, so we bought the Sweet Cherry baby safety gate to put on top of the stairs as well as at the bottom.
so many blurry pics now cuz she wont stand still.
Our Sweet Cherry Baby Safety Gate (got it at 20% off at Aeon Setiawangsa:))
  • Shows a worried face when we bring her into someone's house whom she has never been too.
  • Clings to me when surrounded by strangers (yess.this one i like)
  • Speech not really coming yet, still babbles to oblivion sometimes. main word still ipad, other that that, a little bit of Shea - "Ea" (our pet cat), mama (but i am mummyyy), ball!
when she said,"ipad!"
  • Has 8 teeth to date, meaning she can eat real solids now and can share our food. 
wanted to share aunty azreen's Chatime..
  • Wants to put everything new or everything she sees in her mouth to taste or chew. she found rubber band on the floor, mamam. cotton bud? mamam. tissue box? nibble n mamam. even the Izora flower in my mum's garden. usually we'll ask nicely "Tia, what r u eating?give mummy/bibik please?" and she'll spit it out.
  • Still so attached to the pacifier. it has become an essential to bring out on outings and anywhere we go.
  • Socially, needs to warm up when seeing other kids. usually will let the other kid grab her face or or hair. analyze first. then after that it's her turn.heheh
  • Loves the trampoline. but dont know how to jump yet. will sit n bounce2 on her butt (knew this cuz we brought her to 2 playgroup classes and she is mostly attracted to the trampoline at both classes.
  • Sleeptime..phew this one really has its days. she has no problems in sleeping thru the night. but a lot of problems in falling asleep on her own. we had a few weeks of switching off the lights so the room is pitch dark, put her in the cot and lay on the bed beside her cot til she falls asleep. sometimes putting her to sleep needs so much patience.most of the nights are okay now, she can soothe herself to sleep.
  • Likes to bully Shea bie the cat nowadays. smack sana poke sini. play with cat's toys. ish
messing around with shea's toys
  • Got her ear pierced. yes. this belongs to another post but we decided to do it:) more of so that she doesnt have to remember the pain when she grows older. i'm taking care of the piercings the best i can so it wont get infected.
Imitating opah doing her prayers.
  • Can copy some of our actions. for example, my parents exercise cardio by skipping rope. she will imitate too. tapi xpandai lompat lagi. hehe. also with brushing teeth. she can roughly follow if we do it with her. except for the spitting part. but getting there. soon.
Toothbrushing session with daddy when he's at home.
  • Had a chicken pox vaccine. it's a bit late because she had a fever earlier but yup, got it done by her dear daddy. Ipad on, and a good weird new toy to play with, then jab. Hubby is always reluctant to give her the shot, saying that what if she doesnt trust him anymore for doing such a thing to her? but no dearie, Tiana loves you probably even more than her mummy so dont worry:)   

 So basically that's a summary of Tia's milestones at 15 months:)

Lots of love,

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