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Travelling with Toddler: Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore


I've been meaning to update on this but I have sat uncountable times in front of the computer staring at the empty post composer and ended up doing something else. We recently went for our 2nd family holiday. This time it's a different experience. It was just Singapore for 4 days 3 nights. we didnt even go around the whole island- mostly in Sentosa Resorts. the furthest? Vivo City. but the difference with the previous trip is that Tia was a crawling baby then, but now a toddler. masa tu jalan-jalan jatuh.

I have to admit that this time around it is fairly easier. we packed lesser baby things in our diaper bag. minus the food that is, cuz she can eat whatever we do.

So let me share some tips on how to survive travelling with your Toddler: Singapore Edition. hehe

In-Flight Madness

Ok there probably wasn't much madness during the flight...but because Air Asia did not have that Optiontown upgrading thingy so we bought tix for 2 adults and a child. so that's 3 seats in a row. more comfortable for our family and saved some poor souls from having to layan a toddler sitting next to him/her:P It was such a short flight so tia was all good and i have to say the ipad is an important tool to get a toddler to sit down quietly. we still practice putting in the pacifier during takeoff and landing. so no problem in ear pressure.

met some kids at the airport
Travelling around

We still usung the stroller along everywhere we go. Sentosa has ramps where we can push the stroller. quite convinient. tia may or may not sit in her stroller, and when she's not in it as usual the stroller becomes a trolley for all our bags. important things to carry along with the stroller: camera tripod, ipad, and baby pillow (this is also important this time around cuz it helps tia sleep in the stroller). sometimes we let her stretch her legs and walk around, sometimes we carry her.

Baby & Toddler friendly Hotels

We bought the Resorts World Sentosa promo which was on the site. 3D2N stay plus breakfast at any of the 3 Resorts World hotels plus tickets to the S.E.A Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Universal Studios. We booked Festive Hotel. Husband suggested that we should add up one more day so that we don't exhaust tia with a packed schedule.We decided to check out if Hard Rock Hotel had available room for a night and were lucky that at that time they are having a half price per night promo. think it was about $258 per night after discount. 

We thought Festive Hotel is the more baby friendly hotel but hey, Hard Rock Hotel was better. We stayed at just a deluxe room with a King sized bed (they upgraded us to a pool view room <3), but here's the catch...they had a pullout bed underneath the King Sized bed. and that became Tia's bed for the night. spacious space for her to tidur sebuas-buasnya and we werent even scared off her falling off the bed since it's of course, a pullout mattress on the carpet. plus there was the awesome pool.

Festive Hotel has this awesome bunk bed in the family room but i would say it will only be functional for bigger kids. so we had to co-sleep thru the night. tia will turn 360degrees in her sleep. so middle of the night the whole of her chubby leg was on my neck or my face. ish.

Meal times

Tia is already 1 year old so this is pretty ok. no more heinz or rafferty's garden baby food but she can share what we ate. At Resorts World Sentosa..meals are so expensive. We had our first dinner at the hotel coffee house on the first day. here's a tip though- their kids' meal is quite a big portion so please don't order another dish for yourself. just share with your toddler. a kids meal costs around $12. They also don't allow takeaways from the restaurant so sigh the wastage..

Festive Hotel serves plenty of food at the daily breakfast buffet. most of the food can be given to tia. we gave her fruits, bread, pancake, scrambled egg, porridge, muffin. and smuggled bits of food in her snack bowl. hehe. this is important tau. just in case we could not find a restaurant for lunch on time when we are on the go. It is also useful as snacks for her. much healthier than her normal biscuit. We had breakfast at Coffee Bean on the first day too because the Hard Rock Hotel promo did not come with breakfast. Coffee Bean serves halal food, which was a relief for us. we ordered the big breakfast and cut some sausages into small bits to fill up her snack bowl.

I would definitely recommend going to a Japanese Restaurant if there is one. I feel that they have the best foods for toddlers. We went for dinner at Sushi Tei, Vivo City (Free commuter from entrance of our hotel to the mainland and back with vouchers). Ordered a bowl of Japanese Rice, miso soup and grilled Salmon Teriyaki and tia loved it. I shared with her. yumm. Japanese rice is always the right texture for toddlers with 8 teeth. or less, in fact:)

Diaper Changing

Singapore is fairly convenient in providing diaper changing facilities. However, parents room are pretty hard to find and most of the time i had to change her diaper alone unassisted in the female bathrooms. the baby changing tables are always there. no complains on that one:) One tip from me would those mamy poko pull up diapers. they hold up pretty well and quite long hours. and are especially convenient to use on a squirmy toddler while on the go.

Baby/Toddler Friendly Activities on Resorts World Sentosa

I have to say that actually, only 1 activity in the promotion is baby friendly. This is of course the S.E.A Aquarium. not much activities there, just push the stroller or let your toddler walkabout and point at fishies. There was also this swanky cool restaurant with the huge aquarium as a wall. Super nice view...while you indulge in your seafood lunch, you'll get stalked by sharks and huge stingrays. hehe. They provide a kiddy bowl and spoon too so it was convenient to feed your child a little bit of what you're having. Tia shared my marinara spaghetti. 

The Adventure Cove Waterpark sounds like a waste right? but here's the surprise...out of the 3, we actually enjoyed this one the best! Although we dont get to go on those awesome huge twirly slides but we could play about at the ride-the-waves area, the children wading pool has nice water fountain, and we can even grab the big round tubes and swim along the Adventure Tunnel. The 3 of us swam through that twice. There were splashes of water here and there, a dark cave, a lot to see along the way. sometimes i would sit in the round tube with tia on my lap and hubby will swim along with us. sometimes we would hold tia in a swimming position (with lifejacket on ) and walked all the way along the tunnel. It was a nice wet way to spend with the family.Oh yeah they do provide tiny rubber lifejackets for toddlers. The waterpark was also convenient cuz they have plenty of gazebos with comfy beanbag seats with fans. when it's time for tia's nap, we just lepaked there.

Check out the tiny blue lifejacket!
By the tidal pool
The gazebo we rested at
When both my lovelies fell asleep.

Universal Studios Singapore was the least enjoyable for Tia at this age...she cant go on most rides, and we cant go on rides too. so what we did most of the time was just take photos. However, it's not entirely not enjoyable. just throw us anywhere at all as a family, and the worst of times can turn out to be fun:)

Baby Dinosaur!
The Donkey Live Show

First Carousel ride
One of the rides we thought was toddler friendly but  NOT (look at her face!) . This was the Madagascar box ride.
Photoshoots Along The Trip

Ahaa. this one. I remember we used to take awesome pics of where ever we visit to. but unfortunately it involved a lot of timed shots on the tripod. a lot of taking turns running to n fro from cam to point of shoot within 10 secs over and over again. guess what, with a baby, still ok. Sydney pics still nice. with a toddler? fewh. only either one of us will have more photos cuz the other is busy keeping our toddler at one place or chasing her. So some of the pictures will turn out like this:

or like this:

Oh doesnt matter:) On an overall we enjoyed the trip just like any other trips. I cant say that tia is easier to manage now but we did quite usual, looking forward to the next trip!



  1. Awesome dear because I am planning for a uss singapore trip for us and amni soon. I was planning to give the cove a miss though. How big is tge SEA aquarium as Amni loved klcc aquaria so much - bigger or smaller?

    1. ahh nice! it wasnt really a difficult trip since the hotel is nearby.dont skip the cove! it's the most convenient to go spend the whole day. ehe. memang banyak stops to rest is toddler gets cranky. cuma amni will be in her bathing suit the whole day la. air dry je. hope u dont believe in the sejuk dada thing ehe. SEA aquarium is just like any other aquarium but yes, biggerrr than aquaria

  2. thank you for your v helpful post; we'll be travelling w our toddler to sing soon!

  3. Hello. First thanks for this very helpful blog. I just wanted to ask if Tia was allowed to wear a swim diaper. We are planning to visit in two weeks, but my baby is not potty trained and I want to be sure she'll at least get to enjoy a few rides. I really appreciate your help.

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  6. Thanks sharing my friend, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore definitely made me feel like a VIP everywhere I went, especially in their hotels. The staff from all four hotels greeted me with cheerful pleasantries the moment I strolled into the hotel lobbies. This reported has to admit that the service standard across the entire resort is remarkable. For detail see:


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