Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sabby's Guide to Piercing your Baby's Ear.

Who, Why, What, When, Where.

Who: Your baby/toddler
Why: If baby is younger, easy to clean. otherwise, for me, so that they wont remember the pain of the shot. (or want more piercings when they're older.hehe."Tia, are u sure u want another piercing?sakit gilaa ok")
What: K, this is obviously piercing the ears.
When: I personally wouldn't do it when she's too young. perhaps let her complete all of her 12months vaccinations. based on my recent experience, 11months to 18 months is just nice. the older they are, the more aware they are of the procedure, they remember the pain, n struggles harder.
Where: Piercing/tattoo parlors, depending on which one, are surprisingly clean. but they will recommend needle piercing cuz they claimed it to be more sterilized. but ugh, too traumatic for the child. we opted for the gun piercing. Try jewellery stores. i love Habib Jewels. specifically ampang point branch. why? you can refer to  my previous post:)

Baby/Toddler ear and stud care after piercing.

Ear piercings doesnt have to be as sterilized as those body piercings. which is a pretty good news. but hygiene, cleaning-wise, i followed how i did for my navel piercing. Cleaning is actually a tricky part for toddlers. they move around non-stop. A 5 months old would probably just surrender her earlobes to be cleaned..but then again..ish too young.

Cleaning routine
During our trip to Sydney, i actually purchased an Ear Cleaning antiseptic spray from the pharmacy. just in case we decide to do it in the nearest future. So when we really had them pierced, we used this solution after her bath time everyday. twice a day.

Every bath time, I would turn her earrings around in her pierce hole so that it wont stick as it heals, which would lead to accumulation of bacteria, and then infection. then I will pat her piercing dry with tissue paper (dont use towel, as it might already have bacteria on it), and spray the antiseptic spray.

If you don't have the antiseptic spray, u can substitute it with a salt soak. it may sound very sting-y, but trust me, it's the fastest way to heal it. plus it doesnt hurt at all (cuz i used to follow this routine religiously on my piercings). Half to one teaspoon of table salt in a glass of water. definitely not easy to chase around a toddler and ask her to sit quietly while soaking her earlobes in this cup of water. you need a cotton pad. soak it with the salt water, and squeeze it over her earlobe. can be done while she was sitting in her baby chair, watching her ipad. do this twice a day. trust me, it speeds up the healing process!

I didnt really do the usual pantang for Tia..but i do go by the concept of taking more protein to speed healing. it does seem like a petty thing, what are just 2 small puncture holes, everyone does it. but i'm particular with the speed of healing because the faster it heals, the less risk of infection. and can definitely spare some pain for your child.We seldom cook prawns and other seafood for her so there isnt much itchiness. but eggs and chicken are as usual. Alhamdulillah she is fine.

Change earrings
This used to be my favorite part when i was little. oo! no more boring gold stud in my ears! time to rock the heart shape, S shape, star shape ones! i chose the faux diamond studs to be put in her ears as a trainer stud. and now that it has been a month plus, we can actually change the earrings. diamond studs are sooooo expensive>.< but i found a pair of enamel painted gold earrings like below. but still mahal. oh wells.

So that's how i took care of tia's ears. her piercings are healing beautifully so far, alhamdulillah. however she has a little bit of eczema at the back of her ears which sometimes would spread to her earlobes so i have to apply some aqueous cream and hydrocort when it looks a bit bad. Til next post! Good luck, mommies:)

much love,

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