Monday, March 11, 2013

The Day Tiana Got Her Ear Blings:)

On the 17th of February 2013, we decided to pierce Tiana's ears:)

I've actually been contemplating on this for quite a while now..and have been researching on piercing baby's ear online since a few months ago.

When Tia was born, i thought we should wait till she's at least standard 1 since the pain is well, quite bearable. But then again i remembered, as a 9 yr old, getting my ear pierced was quite a scary experience (minus the fact that i wanted more when i got to form 2.heheh). I let them pierce the first ear and hesitated to let them do the other one. so i thought, what the heck, lets just do this. Now when she will not remember the pain. perhaps it will even stop her from getting more in the future since she might think its really painful:P Given my own history i dont want her to come home with a tongue or marilyn or cartilage piercing. hahh. ehh jangan salah faham. i did not come home with those.ehe.

We went to Poh Kong in Ampang Point cuz a lot of moms did it there. but we got rejected. no idea why. but good lah. i dont want any low confident person piercing my baby daughter's ear. So we went to Habib Jewels Ampang Point. We were welcomed warmly. the kakak who did the procedure was very confident and has done a lot of babies before. She will pierce one ear by one ear though, to prevent any accidents just in case the baby moves.
I like how proper Habib Jewel is by providing us this piece of receipt in a nice signature envelope even though it was just an ear piercing service.

So there we were, equipped with Tia's favourite Ipad, and a strong daddy to hold her. I decided not to take any videos or photos. cuz we need to hold her tight. i don't feel nice keeping those kind of photos. macam nak dera anak je. but we know and i think it's for the best.

The kakak was very cheerful, pujuk2 tia dulu. layan her Minnie's Bow Boutique together, dance-dance a bit. then said 'ayahnye kene pegang kuat-kuat k'. So he nervously hugged tia to keep her arms from flailing while i hold her head. Kakak sprayed some EthylChloride on tia's earlobe. She was very startled with the loud "psssshhtt" but we distracted her some more by pointing and talking about Minnie Mouse.


1 ear stud in.

The kakak, tia's daddy and i cheered for her. yeeeay!

Tia didnt cry. wow...she just gave us this puzzled look. what just happened? and the lady proceeded to the other ear.

This time she knew what was coming. I think she hated the numbing spray. she even shook her head and cover her eyes. but somehow we managed to shoot in the second stud on the left ear.

By then, 2 other sales person was already in the room watching. after the kakak successfully shot the 2nd one in, everyone cheered. i heard "Pandaaaaaai! yeeay cantikkkkkk! *clapclapclap*

And this was when it happened. By then tia was already overwhelmed by the cheerings and possibly some mild piercing pain and she cried. when she cries, it is really LOUD.

For a moment there xtau mana nak letak muka sebab takut org kata dera anak, kecik2 nak tindik telinga. ha..ha. Goody for the huge aquarium with a shark (yes!) somehow managed to distract tia.

In a few seconds she was already walking around Habib Jewel with a smile on her, seriously! i wasnt kidding. It has been about a month now since the piercing, and we have taken care of her ears very carefully so there wont be any infections. Alhamdulillah, it looks pretty much healed. i still have not taken out the surgical stud though, and saving up for a pair of diamond studs for her, insyaAllah :D
First day with her new bling:)

Till then,

Sabby x


  1. Awww too cute !
    Tips please ! I want to get my Khayla's ears pierced too, but am afraid that she'll rip the studs off, isk isk. :p

    1. hehe aw im pretty sure u'll know how to prevent those puss and infections too! but yupp i'm gonna post about how we took care of the piercing^.^

  2. Did u bring the studs along to Habib or buy it there? Curious :D


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