Wednesday, June 12, 2013

19 months old Tia and an announcement.

Hey everyone:)

I miss this blog so much!
Been away for awhile cuz i've got so much at hand nowadays.
Anyway, updates!

Tiana Jezmine is now 19 months old. a brilliant, cheeky one to us. Developing milestones exactly by the book, alhamdulillah. a bit slow on the teeth though, she's stuck at 4 above and 4 below and a pair of gerahams on top but all is good:)

Our little gem is a talkative one at the moment. she babbles from the moment she opens her eyes in our dark bedroom until the moment she closes those pretty eyes again for her naps or bedtime. Now this is a good thing for both of us, because neither are talkative. guess she mustve got that from her opah. after all, she sees her opah more than she sees me on a daily basis:( She knows more english words because we speak mostly english to her but we find that she can instantly pronounce malay words when we say them in front of her.

So far her words are cat, apple, star, car, bubble, cloud, ball, cold, hot, opah, atuk, uncle, daddy, up, kakak, mamam (for both milk or mamam), cicak, air, dap (sedap), nak, dora, tayo, getah, bean (cuz i was feeding her edamame beans) aaand jengjengjeng...MOMMY!  Everytime we hand her the milk bottle she'll put it on her cheek and say 'hot!' and when she drinks something cold she will remark 'cold!'. I would show her a picture of a beach in our ipad and ask her where is what and she could point it to me, even though she doesnt know how to say it yet.

Dietwise she has gotten picky. like me, she needs soup. she will luah pieces of chicken, she doesnt like tofu. she wont share my bolognese at planB once. but sometimes when she sees my parents eating at the table she want a plate of rice of her own, and could finish it with fried egg on the side. I havent been that strict at foods anymore, but i give them in moderation. that said, baby girl just like every other kid loves the sweeties. namely cakes. oh and luckily, cream crackers. that one is fine.

Bedtime? it has been two months since she's willing to sleep on her own with us accompanying her (which always cause us to tidur sekali and have late dinners-_-). otherwise, we had to bob and rock her in our laps and at 11kg, that aint easy to do. naptimes are still very difficult. i can never put her to sleep during the day. ysterday pun because she got down from the bed, bebel2, fell down, hit her head against something and cried. baru tidur. perhaps tired from crying. no benjols or concussions, dont worry.sometimes i wud purposely bring her out so she naps in her car seat on the way to our destination. heh.

She's not too addicted to the ipad anymore, thank goodness. haha. she started showing interest in books pulak. so everytime i step into borders i would buy those small RM9.90 ladybird books to fill up our bookshelf at home:) 

I've been sending Tia to the playgym for let her play around with the other kids her age. as much as i hope she'll like these physical activities, she looks like she's more interested in reading and drawing.intellectual stuff. oklah, it's a good thing. just try to keep it balanced as she grows.

And finally...I have news:)

I am currently 16 weeks preggers with no2. will it be a little R, i dont know. Tia usedta be a little R, but then we failed to find a nice name starting with R. so i'll just refer to this one as little bean fer now. I am actually hoping for a little sister for Tia, but we'll c how it goes. It may be a boy too, but it's ok. asalkan perfect and healthy and as smart as the sister. I've just gotten over the nausea. wasnt so bad after all, almost the same as when i was carrying tia. but my lethargy is still there, and i find it a challenge to take care of Tia when i came back from work tired:( i shall try my best.....

Hoping for all your prayers out there, do pray for a smooth pregnancy and delivery for me k:)

Cheerful always,



  1. congrats Sabby Radzli.. I just found that I'm pregnant 3 days ago. Haha.and my baby is 10months old plus. fuh tired. i can feel u. Tia lg aktif since dh bole jln berlari etc kan.take care:)

    1. congrats to u too! yea i memang gile2 punye penat masa first trimester hari tu...n still tak habis lagi penatnye. ur baby's gonna walk soon...n kalau mcm tia semua langgar....take care! hehe


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