Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Tips on Flying Alone with Your Toddler.

An overdued post and an unnoted milestone:( aiya.

It was actually a milestone for both me and tia because...
We had successfully traveled in an airplane together, just the two of us:D

Well of course a lot of people have done it especially those long distance hubs n wife, no big deal but its certainly something for me! and also because i was 6 months preggers and have slight bouts of morning sickness, i would like to award myself some pats on my own back. hehe.

We were actually flying to meet daddy radzli in Langkawi, where his department was organizing a hemophilia course for the nurses. He was there for a total of 4 days and i (we) hate being away from him too long. and coincidentally MAS was having a promo so we got the tix real cheap.

Here are 5 tips  for those who are planning to fly alone with their toddlers.

#1: Choose the right airline.
We chose MAS airlines for this trip. because obviously this airline is more customer friendly, convenient and comfortable. no long walks towards the airplane in the sun, and wider more comfy seats. while waiting to board the plane, tia and i sat cross legged in front of the glass window overlooking the plane. at that time she pronounced 'airplane' as 'eckko' so she was busy pointing to the plane with a whole load of baby babbles the whole time.

#2: Ask if there are any empty rows of seats
Choose aisle seats. i chose a window seat at that time, cuz i thought tia wud be awed by the sightings out the window. i asked the cabin crew to let me know if there is a row of empty seats that i can move to (dont be embarrassed to ask, this is well worth it k!). then comes a couple from China, quite big sized, sitting next to me. so when the cabin crew came over to inform me that i could change seats...satu hal pulak kena mintak these two people to get up and make way for me to move out of that row of seats. and oh my, carrying a toddler and her diaper bag is difficult when ure sitting that far in ok T_T but hey the free empty row is so worth the flight! 1 seat for bag, 1 for tia and 1 for mommy!

#3: Pack light.
Daddy radzli brought our luggage with him the day before. so we just checked ourselves in. What i had with me was an umbrella stroller (which she only wanted to ride in on the way to the waiting area) and her diaperbag. Diapers, hot water, water bottles, milk bottles (mine come with a milk dispenser each), snacks. and of course documents like IC and boarding tix.

#4: Ipad & Pacifier.
As usual, this one is always handy:) i loaded the ipad with new series of her favourite shows such like pocoyo and tayo the little bus and let her watch (easy cuz she's at a watching tsage at that time. now she PLAYS the game apps on that ipad). so she was happily sitting away thru the flight with the ipad propped on her table while munching on her biscuits. The pacifier, well yes...upon take off and landing so that she wont cry from ear pain due to the pressure difference.

#5:  Keep Calm.
Keep calm while carrying your 11kg toddler and pushing the stroller at the same time, keep calm while trying to fold ur stroller and making sure ur toddler is always within your view at the same time. and while looking out for your seat. cuz guess what, I sat at somebody else's seat by mistake because i was that nervous! lol. malu je hehe

So that's it:) it was definitely an experience, and felt like an accomplishment when its all done. will make u feel like a supermom although you know you screw up a lotta parenting skills. haha. not sure if i dare to do it with two kids of two year gaps though! we'll see we'll see.

Toodles! til next post.


  1. Salam and hi there.

    Been following your blog and thanks for the tips! My little boy baru je three-month old but I am pretty sure there will come a day little Mujahid and I will be travelling by ourselves to visit my parents since I hailed from West Malaysia.

    Thanks again and I will keep those tips in handy. :)

    1. salam, thanks!

      im sure ull be fine..the little they are the better they say. no need much distractions. n easier to put on the changing table:P


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