Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daddy Radzli's 2nd Fathers Day.

Hi all:)

This is the 2nd father's day for Tia's daddy.
I feel that mother and father's day does not mean that you have to spend thousands on your present. Its all about effort, and appreciation, do something that will make your parents go "Aww.."

So this year i thought we'd do something handmade, as always, right from the heart:) I bought a canvas frame and let Tia go to town with her Crayola kids paint.

Finger painting with Tia is better now. much messier, nonetheless, cuz she seems to have a lot of idea with what she wants to do with those colourful globs. Dont have to worry about her putting paint in her mouth anymore, big girl:) so i didnt bother to make specially edible ones for her. Crayola paint is already non toxic.

Here was what we came up with:
It sits at the top of our Ikea pigeonhole bookshelf for now. How to make that? piece of cake! Go get a framed canvas from the art shop, alphabet stickers to create the sentences, and kids paint. It was recommended to use acryllic paint but i think this one should be oklah.

I just figured this would be the best present from an 18 month old. and she had fun doing it too:)

She might not know what is daddy's day yet, but i'm a strong believer that these days should be celebrated every year. I know parents should be appreciated every day but come on, lets just join in the fun ok!

Til then, much love!


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