Friday, June 21, 2013

Kiddie Class : Flykidz Gymnastics, Telawi 2 Bangsar


So as promised, i'd like to write a review on Flykidz Gymnastics in Telawi 2, Bangsar. There are currently 2 branches in KL, and the other one is in Solaris, Mont Kiara. I havent been to the solaris one, but i'm pretty sure it's a bit bigger than bangsar since it's the first branch.

We, or rather I (as per the excited mom) has been googling around for some sort of child enrichment programme for our little Tia. she stays with my mom while we go to work, and hasnt really met a lot of kids. I bring her for occasional playdates with friends of mine with similar age toddlers but she was still parallel playing. but I would like her to meet other toddlers and see how she reacts and perhaps check out what she's interested in.

I brought her to Kizsports for a trial class once and it was okay, they had obstacles, sing alongs, circle time and blow bubbles for the kids to catch at the end of the session. and then I found Flykidz while i was walking towards my usual facial parlour in telawi 2, called in and hey, they have a class called Gymtots specially for ages 1 to 3 and a half years old. and its a child-parent activity based class so all the better...i could keep an eye on her since its her first time meeting other kids:)

It has been 2 terms (6 months) since we've sent her there, and so far very satisfied. Flykidz provides gymnastics classes for bigger kids, so they have cool gymnastic equipments in class like a loong trampoline - 2, in fact and balancing bars. They incorporated similar baby/toddler activities in so each week we have playtime of 30minutes, where the kids will play with whatever they want (jump on trampoline, balance on the bars, hang on the uneven bars, go on slides, roll on gymballs), then circle time (simple warm ups like butterfly sits, splits, stretches, then sing along), then they will bring out game based toys (soccer balls, gymnastic ribbons, tennis rackets to expose the toddlers to games), skill time where they teach handstands, front rolls, back rolls, sausage rolls, cartwheels, and the last 30mins for playtime again/cool down. at the end of the class they will  award the kids with stamps on back of both hands, feet and tummy! (which i personally think are better than stickers cuz the kids might just peel and eat them:)

1yr old is indeed a bit too early to send to these kind of classes.why so? cuz they neverr listen to teachers when its circle time! "hey tia!its circle time!lets sit down with ur friends" she'll sit for 2secs n runs off to her favorite activity that she would sometimes do for the entire hour- the slide. she totally owns the slide.she will go on it a robot. her teacher commented she's the kind who likes adventure but i think she likes to focus on a single activity. good i guess, unlike me who wants to do every single thing and cant be pro at any single one. not expect ur 1yr olds to stay put in circle time. cuz most of the time they are the group that are scattered around doing their own preferred activity.takpe lah asalkn they enjoy themselves:)

Tia did get better at socializing.first few times she didnt even want to enter the play now volunteerily will. last time she wont want to look at the teachers now she plays with them.and she can jump thanks to many weeks on the this one lambat sikit but yes she's still practicing her jumps.

I had fun at each class as well cuz all the parents will usually play along.their equipments can with hold adult weight so ull see moms or dads jumping on d trampoline, testing the balance beam n gomoling their kids in class. i love the bonding session this place provides:)

For now, we pay rm400 for 12 classes of gymtots, once a week..which is a term. thats the early bird fee.otherwise rm500.but u can also go for 2x a week classes for different fees. go check them out n come join tia:)

one of the setbacks though,is that they are located on the 3rd floor of the shoplot in telawi and i have difficulties climbing while carrying a 12kg tiana jezmine and a 17week old baby. more stamina, sab please.

haha.ok, til then!

much love,


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  2. I luv tge review but ughh.. Dont like the shoplot part. Hard to park too in that area.. Great review btw ;-)

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