Saturday, July 6, 2013

20 weeks pregnant me, 20 months old Tia

Hi all:) 

So I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant (again) now and halfway through (again!) hehe....alhamdulillah to have gotten this far:) cant wait to get it over with...i want my baby already! haha.

For the record, i can never get the hang of being pregnant. It changes me physically and mentally in ways that you cant imagine and some people wont (or dont want to) understand. But it's ok. I have 4 more months to go and i'm sure it will be here in the nick of time. 

Coincidentally too, our cheeky Tia is also 20 months old the same time that her baking sibling is 20 weeks old:)

Did this little photo shoot after i came back from work...cant really see my tummy cuz i couldnt bother wearing anything tighter. We hadnt done a photoshoot in quite a while and oh my goodness how tricky was it to be done with a 20 month old toddler!

We couldnt get her to come into the frame because she was busy climbing into that ikea basket. so we dragged the whole basket with the kid into the frame. she wont sit still so we did this:

Bribed her with vitamin Cs! arent you glad it isnt candy or some chocolate or ice cream? lol. She is so addicted to these chewable tablets that we feel blessed. at least until she keeps on asking for more beyond the maximum recommended dose for a 1half year old. haha. I firstly bought a bottle of Appeton orange flavored 30mg vita C to test it out, because her daddy has been chewing off bits of our 500mg vitaC to feed her. and she kept asking for more. so better buy the 30mg ones so we know exactly how much we're giving her. fiy, max recommended dose of vitamin C for urti or flu prevention is not more than 400mg a day for her age. it means max boleh bagi is 13 tablets a day. i usually let her pick out 6 tabs a day. 

At 20 weeks pregnant, I am:

  • Still physically okay, boleh jalan jauh, laju. my pelvis pain has improved so much. but i dont look as small and tight as this, its pretty annoying T_T 
  • Emotionally...very bad. some friends who i trust personally can't even take it..they decided to leave. and i let them leave. 
  • My family is such good support at the moment. my husband is the best at all times. i just cant think of anyone as understanding and patient as he is and i depend so much on him.
  • Food cravings: super exotic stuff, it surprises me. includes petai (i made loads of jeruk keep in bottle), durian, masak lemak (not any kind, but my mil's cooking-itik salai, maman, and all those kampung stuff), anything sourish every meal.
  • Cognitive: I have never been this forgetful in my life..i plan, touched, pick up something and the memory just passed in the next minute. getting irritated by this. this baby better be a genius ok!
At 20 months old, Tia is:

  • A talkative little girl. incorporating more and more vocab everyday in her baby language. memang talk non stop. sometimes she does her talk with gestures and eyes as if really telling us something. it's so darn cute. and the more tired she is, the more talkative and hyper she gets (of course silly hyper)...til she puts her pacifier in her mouth.
  • Yup, still on pacifier. but for sleep. as soon as she drifts to sleep i will take it out. still using NUK orthodontic ones, now 18-36months. terpaksa specially import dr US, mintak adik belikan. hehe. she does obediently surrenders her paci (luah, bluek) when i ask 'tia, can mommy hav the paci please?'
  • Sense of independence - ok. since tia is a very obedient child, it's gonna take a while for me to accept this. toddlers will want it their way at one phase of their lives...and it is now. she hasnt got to the roll on the floor crying yet...although just now she was crying for biskut kering, i refused to give cuz its susu time..and she went all boneless lying on the floor staring up. rebel lah tu. buat tak layan je la. tapi bagi jugak crackers tu in d end-_- but after she got up. not to pujuk her to get up. heh.
  • Picky, picky, picky eater. from an 'i will eat anything' baby to 'i wont eat this wont eat that' toddler. wont eat pieces of chicken n fish in her rice, kalau boleh nak animal shaped/alphabet macaroni in soup every single meal. love those japanese beans (edamame) like crazy so i always boil them up to give her the required protein. sejak bila dia declare herself vegetarian, i dont know *shrugs*

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