Monday, July 15, 2013

21 weeks old Junior #2


So this is little bean no 2, scanned at our 21 weeks check up yesterday. Saw him give us a big yaaaaawn n a nudge on the nose using his tiny hand. Dr Ashar gave me a look at the 3D version of our lil guy too, to check if theres a cord around neck. However he told me that unfortunately baby's features are all still soft so the picture wont be as sharp because of some reflection theory thingy i'm not sure.

Anyway I am very happy with baby's development, clear from cord, amnion fluid enough, weight ok..and i havent been gaining too much too...49kg so far at 5 months preggers, and i started off at 46kg at the point  of the double lines...Yesterday was also the day that I could really feel him tumble around in my tummy. I am fasting, still...and oh my it is such a challenge for now. Apparently baby boys need more calories than girls to develop well and i guess this one has been pulling out my calories! 3 hari puasa memang rasa sangat lembik. in fact, sangat sangat lembik and dehydrated. He tumbles around as usual though, alhamdulillah. despite me not being compliant to my supplements this time. i know, i'm a failed pharmacist. hehe

Yes, we are back with Dr Ashar from Ampang Putri and we have decided to deliver under him. He has been giving me really2 positive and good vibes so far..I still dont know if vbac or cesarean is the best for me this time (thanks to me being phobia bout delivery now) but we'll go along and see what happens.

I know I am 6 days late, but Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims out there:) And to all preggy mommies (me included) stay strong, you can do it! Actually at time of typing ni i am so considering to break fast because my hands are slightly palpitating due to hypo n i cant feel baby kick that much and also cuz i have been skipping my supplements:-/

Here's a throwback pic of 4 months old Tia cutie patootie. hehe. Til next post!



  1. awww so cute tia..

    49kg at 5months? wahh after confinement sure slim..bestnya dh tau gender. seronok dpt sepasang! i wish my 2nd one pn boy. hehe..
    tp i x go checkup pn lg.procrastinate sangat huhu..take care u too :)

    1. cepat check! hehe....ok gak procrastinate. skali check terus nampak gerak2 dah. best hehe...i pray urs is a boy too dapat spasang:) alah i hope so too babe, altho ramai yg ckp i look like i gained weight...nak sedapkan ati je tu. haha


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