Monday, July 29, 2013

Severe monday blues, reminiscing on how Tia makes me melt.

It amazes me how much energy this little tot has, and how much she spread positive vibes to the whole family throughout the day. I could have a bad day and forget about it when i come home to her. with just a simple call of 'Mommy' is just enough to melt me like a chocolate fondue (what a comparison. hehe)

I love how she calls me mommy over and over again, and the first word she calls out when she wakes up from bed in the morning. I melt when she does something naughty or cheeky (like throwing down plastic cups down the stairs) and i gave her a stern face and she will flash her smile and comes over to hug me as if to say sorry.I just melt.

I am typing this in the midst of a severe monday blue. I was onleave last thurs and fri and took care of her fully for 4 days and hey, cant blame  me for missing her. wishing i could just forget about work and be there at home with her. sigh

Till then, have a good week ahead.

Much love, Sabby.

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