Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some thoughts..


Just putting out some thoughts today, cuz i have like a jumble of thoughts in my head right now.

I'm going to attempt VBAC, insyaAllah. that is if my obsgyn gives us a green light.
I was just wondering the possibility of giving birth WITHOUT epidural, since last time around i could hold up to 7cm without the cocktail. do you think i can do it, in a more relaxed and linient environment my obsgyn promised?

I'm definitely taking the extra 3 months cuti menyusu regardless of actually breastfeeding or not. I wonder if i can actually extend it up till my boy reaches 1 year old....and survive financially.

There are really a lot of things in life that i want to do. I wish i had studied fashion/interior designing instead of pharmacy. I want to design cradles to be rented for cukur jambuls. I want to decorate parties. I want to do freelance makeup. I want to train up and get certified in a few pregnancy exercises and conduct classes of my own. you know, these kind of things.

They're asking me to do my first presentation on my core business and mind you, i am bloody scared of speaking in front of an audience, i HATE it, and i dont really know whats my core business since i'm handling random stuff at the mo.

My favorite task at work is atm is doing spa ratings with ministry of tourism (konon its where i belong lah)....and thats not even my core job. blegh.

I want that Petunia Picklebottoms diaper bag but have not gotten the chance to go to Parkson Pavilion. and I'm broke thanks to my roadtax and insurance, and raya and birthdays coming up and car service. 


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