Friday, August 30, 2013

21 months old Tia

21 months.

Talkative. very talkative. but still talking baby language most of the time mixed with a few understandable english or names. So we know she's talking about a person but dont understand about what.

Musical. She dances to songs with moves which looked a little like pocoyo when he dances. She sings along in her own language...sometimes we caught her singing with so much expression, we wonder if it's any of those songs she's been exposed to on the ipad or she's just being our very own taylor swift-composing her own songs. hehe

Crazy. There are days, perhaps due to boredom...when she'll run round and round my parents' bedroom, propping her study desk chair against their bed, climb, come back down the other side and repeat.

Good eating coordination. On good mood days she will eat her entire meal using her toddler spoon. We use the brand Chicco for her cutleries. love it! it's stainless steel with plastic holders but not sharp for a toddler's delicate mouth. I usually encourage her to eat by herself if we're feeding her animal shaped pastas.

Gets away with everything with an angellic face. Many times i showed her a stern face when she screams "NO!" at me. She will stare at me and tries to crack a joke. in baby language of course. and it comes with a sweet angelic smile. This is when i have to learn to hold that stern face and not crack a smile back at her to tell her that it is wrong to raise her voice up at elders. I tell you, it's not a very easy task.

Tests me. I have this glass rack in our bedroom at my mom's place which i prohibit her from sitting on. Sometimes she will look at me straight in the eye with a cheeky smile while purposely, slowly lowering her butt onto the glass rack. just to check how i would react. seriously.cheeky.babe.

Daddy's best friend. I realize I am no more fun. I'm getting heavier every day, getting worse backaches everyday and my movements get more limited everyday. I am in my third trimester now. I wanted to play with her so badly like before I got pregnant...but I just cant push myself to. Days when daddy's home are the days i am so thankful for because he will take her out to see the monkeys in taman tar, or a drive around the neighbourhood.Play hide and seek and run around the house. while i watch..:( Unfortunately daddy's home days dont come by very easy dad undertakes his responsibility every time he is not home...lets not begin how much i appreciate this and how bad i feel for still depending on my dad when i actually already have a husband.

Night terrors. she is currently in that phase again. last time around it was because of teething. this time we just cant figure out why. most of the nights her daddy will force her awake, carry and pat her back to sleep on his chest. Taken measures such as putting on yassin recital til she falls asleep and just pray that she wont wake up tonight so both of us will b able to have a good one stretch of a goodnight's sleep. Truth betold, nap and bedtime has always been the most difficult form of parenting when it comes to Tiana Jezmine. dr lahir sampai lah 21 bulan.

Social-wise.....she needs a period of warm up when she sees people for the first time. and i guess like some toddlers..she will cling to one of my legs for dear life or cries for me to carry her. perhaps everyone is so big in her small small world. however, after 20 minutes she'll be back to her bubbly self playing with her new friend. hehe

Ok til next month Tia update:)


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