Monday, August 5, 2013


I feel blessed for Allah and the family support i have behind me during moments when i feel vulnerable and weak in this pregnancy.

I feel blessed that my pregnancy is so far uneventful and is already 24weeks now.going strong.

I feel blessed that i never had to go through any morning sickness at all for two consequtive pregnancies.

I feel blessed that baby no2 is as normal as he can be and as much as we wish for.

I feel blessed for the hardworking husband that i have been destined for and for a beautiful, angelic toddler girl who will forever be mommy's favorite,only girl.

I feel blessed that my obsgyn is the kindest person i have ever met, and only Allah could return his kindness.God bless him and his family.

I feel blessed for having a kind and understanding boss.

I feel blessed for friends who are always and still there, understandable n supportive regardless of how screwed up i get sometimes.

I feel blessed for having people who loves  my craftwork and would put them on their babies..because thats the only thing left that i have,that i truly love doing.

I feel blessed when i come out from the hospital from my appointment which i went to alone since the past 5months to find that its raining.......and i have an umbrella standby in my bag.

For that many things that i feel blessed for...other challenges in life just seemed, toddler tantrums, exhaustion,
backaches, finance, inconsiderate individuals..are just a small part of life, linient enough challenges that's been given to me as a test.


Hope everyone feels blessed on this rainy monday as well:)


-Baby no.2 at 24 weeks. edd 22/11/13. insyaAllah.

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