Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To Exercise or Not to Exercise During Pregnancy?


First of all, i would very much like to blog about pregnancy exercise. and come out with photos of me doing this in class or wherever:

I did quite a bit during my last pregnancy. yup i did blogged about pregnancy yoga and how it gave me endorphins and stamina to last the whole pregnancy. I also walked super far everyday from the parking lot to my previous workplace which was the opd pharmacy in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. you know how the parking is there kan. I was pretty confident that i could nail the delivery easy peasy, done my part, hoyeah.

And then i ended up in a c-sect.

Ok, not that i am THAT keen on delivering normally especially when the anaes was too busy to give me some epidural cocktail (definitely not that keen of being superwoman in the labor room, which was why i insisted on the drugs), but I did open quite fast- 3cm -7cm in the matter of 2-3 hours i think? and then i got stressed and baby got distressed and you know the drill:)

Well exercise is good in providing you the happy hormones...but sad to say I havent done anything but eat this pregnancy. 1 plate of rice never seems enough nowadays. and to curb the need to tambah nasik i hav to drink lotsa soup and water. lucky i am not the edematous kind of a pregger lady.

Wanted to try Fitfor2 for the longest time: pregnancy pilates, yoga and fitball...but never had the time because I always believe that after office hours is always always reserved for my baby girl. and my husband, when he's not doing locum. my husband is a VIP. u gotta catch him when he's home otherwise you'll never see him at home. A lot of sick indons see him though, at the panel clinic. he's their guy nowadays. pape pun bersyukurlah, where else nak cari rezeki kalau tak treat mamat2 minah2 indon tu.

The only exercise ive got nowadays is just from taking care of tia after i got home. which wasnt much. I dont have the energy to bring her to playgrounds anymore. and i dont really enjoy going out accompanied by my maid (this is a different situation). and my stamina is just oh so crappy because i park riiight on the doorstep of my office and i drive (yes) to buy breakfast at the Tanglin foodcourt outside my building.

Yup, that's Sabrina the 2nd time pregger lady for you. hehe

But worry not, I have not gained so much. just 4kg from the pre pregnancy weight. I know it sounds a bit wrong, but my obsgyn didnt highlight anything for me to be worried about. Maybe all the calories i ate...all the plateful of rice has really gone to the baby. His movements are crazy. jabbing me here and there and so strong. Hubby said he might be a big baby and that i should control my diet.

Big baby= Csection.

Sigh well....whatever Allah wills it to be. normal, csect...anything pun ok lah. asalkan both selamat.  I will try konon hypnobirth, be calm, no stress. but it's all up to Him. I have no objections this time, and therefore redha with whatever will happen. Just hope i wont need any blood transfusion cuz it scares me how unsoulful high risk people out there pakai bantai je derma darah..konon buat kebajikan. pastu 3 months after donating disahkan hiv positive. darah dia org dah guna. please people, donate blood responsibly. yang main2 drugs, homo and sleep around buat lah kebajikan cara lain kay. 

Pape pun....Bismillahi-tawakaltuAlallah...

Cheers everyone:)
Have a great day ahead.


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