Tuesday, September 24, 2013

32 weeks insanity.

32 weeks this week.
8 months.
*pat self on the back sampai tersedak*

To be honest....I am at the stage where I'm smiling outside (on some days memang masam gila), try to walk fast and mask the duck waddle that i do at home, but I am mentally:

Throwing a fit, running around pulling my hair out, stomping my feet, kicking all the furnitures around, guling2 atas lantai macam toddler throwing tantrum, hantuk2 kepala kat dinding, having seizures in bed macam org sawan, jerit-jerit macam org hysteria or kena rasuk hantu.  Being super patient. breeeeaaathe.

Tambah lagi dengan husband outstation 5 nights in a row and Tia wakes up at night just because she was thinking of her new 8 pots of playdough.

I really just want my baby like, NOW :(

tapi lungs belum mature, fats belum naik.
aaaaarghhhh. please give me me ideas on how to get past October in a blink of an eye!
all my close friends have delivered their babies but my edd is mid nov uwaa.

can i have some hugs walaupun mungkin tak sampai sebab perut buncit?



  1. alamak. sebenarnya i understand the feeling and kesian but at the same time think you're so cute as well. hang in the mummy. i know it sounds cliche, but truly enjoy ur last few weeks as a mom to one kid. the arrival of the second one will really turn everything upside down, and tia will be most kesian those first few weeks.

    1. bahaha.ive been told...my mom ckp after dh deliver bila both kids nakal sgt rs cam nk masukkan blk dlm perut. boyot pun boyot laa. haha. been mentally preparing for that upside down..takut:( but at the same time as selfish as this may sound...i want my single body back so i hav full energy for both!


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