Sunday, September 1, 2013

Newborn Checklist.

When we had Tia, we bought everything under the sun. well, almost everything. the needs and the wants. then as time goes by and as we get to be more experienced parents day by day....we begin to realize what are the necessities and what are the nonsense-ities. So now that we are on a 2nd time rewind and replay button, I thought it'll be nice to put down a list of newborn necessities as well as nonsense-ities here, for the referral of first time parents, if any are actually reading this blog (hehe)


  1. Baby clothes - for newborns...kimono style tops, and if you fancy rompers, those button-down ones. forget about those fancy carters rompers till baby is 4months and above. sabarr. good brands are mothercare button down sleepsuits and pureen (rm7 a piece at baby expos) and also some nameless brands sold at the expos. sometimes brands dont matter, functionality tops it all. buy 30% newborn sized, 70% 3-6m. long sleeves n pants with booties for night, short sleeves for daytime. 
  2. Baby hat - to bring baby home from hospital, to take baby to the hosp for first jab.
  3. Mittens -aaah this time i'm gonna hunt for those Carter's fancy printed ones.
  4. Socks - I dont need booties. and wont buy those mitten and booties set. cuz booties are ugly.
  5. Diapers - 2 packs of newborn size will do. then ur baby will need size S. i'm a Mamy Poko parent. 
  6. Receiving blanket/ bedung - Thinking of getting those zipped up ergococcoon thingies. or perhaps the generic avoid the elders from traditionally wrapping the baby too tight around the legs. 
  7. Changing mat - just the normal RM12 getah ones is most effective.
  8. Sterilizer - I have tia's steam one from tommee tippee.
  9. Breast pump - was told not to buy this til breastfeeding is established, til then just do direct latching. however, i plan to get a manual single pump one just in case engorgement happens (which did not happen to me with tia)- in a set u should have storage bottles and bm bags.
  10.  Bottle brush, bottle soap (we use pureen)
  11. Bathtub (i love First Year), top and tail bowl, baby soap and shampoo (Sebamed), a few soft washcloths, cotton pads, cotton buds.
  12. Playpen - I personally prefer the playpen rather than a cot as it grows with your baby, and because of the soft sides. no cot bumper needed and its portable. it's an awesome invention. tia is still sleeping in her newborn playpen til now and we're trying to switch her to a toddler bed.
  13. Stroller - If i could turn back time, i would have gotten a Combi instead of a Quinny Buzz. take my advice on this. get a light foldable stroller which reclines for smaller babies.
  14. Carseat - get a real carseat. it usually provides newborn head support and reclines. no need for maxi cosi carrier dan sewaktu dengannye. usually mat saleh je pakai. malaysian tak berapa practical. (go for combi)
  15. Nipple shields...i was recommended Medela. nip cracks are not really a good way to enjoy ur baby.
  16. Breastfeeding shawl - so that when guests datang rumah or hospital tengok baby you dont have to malu2 flash your boobs.
  17. Diaper bag - this time i invested in a Petunia Pickle Bottom. but actually a LongChamp with a bag organizer in it will do.
  18. Wet wipes. i usually go for Pureen. always will come in handy. 
  19. Baby sling - just because i support and believe in babywearing. it's awesome. i use the locally made Jumpsacbaby ring sling.
Newborn Nonsense-ities (more like stuff we bought and found useless)

  1. Quinny Buzz stroller - not a good idea when its a 3 wheeler and ure shopping at Gardens or KLCC. elevators are always full and u cant go up the escalator with it. and it takes u around 10mins just to dissemble it to put in ur car (kalau boot cukup besar la ye)
  2. Unstretchable 0-3m dresses/shirts - stretchable and soft is the key when everything about the baby is soft and fragile. some of the mothercare tops aged 0-3m went unworn because of this.
  3. Baby shoes - maybe it's useful for some people who brings out their baby when they're tiny weeny..but i guess not for me. even if its prewalker shoe...thats exactly whats it for: prewalkers. not newborns. socks are sufficient.
  4. Baby headbands made out of pantyhose material. sakit kepala baby pakai. kesiaan. oleh itu bolehla shop dengan Sabbytia cuz we take that into account...hehe actually im advising u people to get the soft laceor elastic  kinds if u wana dress up ur bald girl newborns.
  5. Baby changing station - We got this with tia's playpen...its useful til 2.5months when she decided that she loves to turn over during diaper changing. 
  6. Awesome breast pump - not to discourage but....this is to discourage excited pumping first and encourage direct latching towards established milk supply...then buy an awesome pump.
  7. Moses basket - we didnt get this...but i see a lot of people reselling it so it must be useless after 2 months. hehe
Ok hopefully these two lists could help you first time mothers out there to buy stuff for your little soon to be bundle of joys. hugs!<3


  1. wah more experience list:)
    well, if u r looking for swaddle pod, im selling them. can check on my blogs.
    they are malaysian product tho.

    n i do agree on the bulky looks fancy n trendy, tp susah nak manage. i am so in love with my mclaren quest n wont change to other brand....i can handle it with one hand while dukung my baby on the other hand.

    1. thanks babe! i am looking for the swaddle pod and i'll check out ur blogs soon:)

      I'm using the quest gila..cuma if westarted buying since newborn susah sikit cuz it doesnt fully recline..

  2. Stroller - If i could turn back time, i would have gotten a Combi instead of a Quinny Buzz. take my advice on this. get a light foldable stroller which reclines for smaller babies.--->agree hahaha. but i bought combi stroller because its way cheaper than quinny at that the features,ringan etc lol..for this 2nd baby,insyaallah teringin pulak nk babywearing cz i never try it w my 1st baby. hehe..

    1. yess same plan;) only i hope bila dh tau jln tak jadi mcm tia...nk suruh dukung je hehe

  3. Hi..any idea where I can get Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag in Malaysia?

    1. I think a friend of mine bought hers from Bangsar Village. or somewhere in bangsar. and apparently there are a few sold in The Gardens.

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  5. The tommee tippee sterilizer, is it ok? Any pro/cons? Coz im planning to get one.

  6. There's a lot of great items on here. I definitely feel like.Thank's for sharing.


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