Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tiana Jezmine is TWO years old!

24 months of having Tia in our lives have really made us grow.
We enjoyed going through all her milestones so far alhamdulillah, on the dot, and still many more to come.

We have kept her antibiotic free for 24 months, that's another big alhamdulillah, and hopefully for as long as we can:)

At 24 months, Tiana:
  • Talks like a champ. can string 3-4 words together and repeat whatever word we ask her to repeat. "Mommy, come sit", "Daddy go to work", "Daddy make milk". She still maintains her baby chatters (so nice to listen to but serious tak boleh paham) but is able to ask for what she wants, and not get frustrated cuz adults dont understand.
  • Preference wise. Daddy #1, Mommy #2. ok honestly this stings whenever the dad is around. daddy make milk. daddy susu finish (only daddy gets to take the bottle away from her), daddy sit n play. but of course...mommy's no fun anymore..with this big tummy, only daddy brings her out to the playground whenever he can and carries her around everywhere.

  • A bit mengada depending on how she's been treated. because daddy always gives in to manjaness..she expects daddy to carry her around and doesnt want to walk,when daddy puts her to sleep it has to be on his shoulders....while walking around. like a 6 month old being put to sleep. When he goes off to work however, fewh alhamdulillah kurang mengada. she doesnt demand to be carried up n down the stairs...she's hold my hand and climb up n goes down the stairs on her own...pulls my finger to get me to where she wants me to go. so i guess we're good.
  • Sleep is still a problem....not to fall asleep at bedtime...but the awakenings. must be careful for her not to fall too much, cry too much, or think about scarecrow too much...otherwise daddy radzli will be up all night trying to tend and soothe her night terrors. 

  • Diet wise....loves anything sweet. and mind u, these are all her daddy's trademarks...everytime walked by kuih raya sure will feed himself n one for tia. so mommy dah confiscate buang semua kuih raya lama. for example lah. hehe. stil wont eat chunky bits of chicken or fish..but okay with soft vege like pumpkin and broccoli. haihs mcm mane la ni.
  • Doesnt depend on ipad anymore. cuz mommy started filling up a toy rack full of developmental toys. which was also a problem whenever we buy new toys, tido malam mengigau nak main toy baru -_-" mommy daddy cannot sleep. problem problem. the toys keep her occupied the whole day though...takdela risau sgt anak boring or tgk tv sgt while waiting for the 8hours of office to be done with.

So that's that so far....oh yeah we also celebrated her big two despite me being 37 weeks pregger with baby RJ. this will come in another post. We know that she doesnt know anything yet, but tiana is worth celebrating anyway. she is worth celebrating for who she is, for all the milestones she has succeeded, for the happiness she brings us..cant imagine our lives without her in it. these are all worth celebrating, in any condition that i'm in. i was really tired. but it wasnt about me. next post will be about her little Gymboree birthday party:)

Big hugs,

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