Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 39 - Still awaiting little RJ's arrival.

Week 39!

Even I didnt think that I could make it this far. People say 2nd baby usually arrives earlier than due date so we (or I) were very ready to welcome little RJ into our arms since I touched week 37 of this pregnancy.

But up til now? no baby yet. Little RJ is getting a little bit too comfy in this tummy, and perhaps a bit scared to come out and meet big sister TJ who nowadays has been very vocal and i think even from inside the tummy she sounded like she's making a havoc in the house. hehe. mommy would love RJ to know that kakak is fun to play with so come out quick ok!

My mom has been asking tia to touch my tummy and said "Come out now baby!" 
Week 37.
Week 37-40 or the these last 3 months seem to the longest months to wait for, ever. Baby RJ is still not engaged, floating above my pelvis at week 39. which means that little full term legs are still kicking at my ribs and occasionally i wake up in the middle of the night feeling nauseas or heartburn. been bouncing on the birth ball for that. same thing happened with tia last time. engaged during labor.

Pregnancy this time is not so different from the time when i carried tia. maybe in terms of exhaustion, yes this is more, maybe because i had to take care of tia as well (I almost fell down the stairs while chasing tia who confidently climbed the stairs on her own yesterday and ended up with a bruise), there wasnt any vomiting at all. there wasnt edema alhamdulillah. but if labor is the same soon, i'm probably gonna be dead. i dont believe God lets u go off that easy, esp when i think i havent done much good and have a lot of sins. 

Week 38.

Had an MRI the other day to get a green light for VBAC. and found that my pelvic measurements are a little bit too small and my tailbone curved in like the letter J. I dont know if thats related but i thought it looked a bit weird. Dr Ashar never pushed us for a csect, and told us its ok to try, but there is a noted risk of failing again, like when i had tia. in a sense that i might be experiencing a long labour a great amount of pain only to find that baby is stuck in the pelvis and a csect has to be done. he also added that we should probably try for normal now, cuz he would not encourage a VBAC after a 2nd csect. and to make the pain worth it, he recommended on epidural. I have no problem on epidural so here we are....we'll be trying VBAC with epidural. Doakan semua selamat and berjaya k...

Baby RJ is doing ok on the other my opinion he should be out by now already cuz when we scanned last monday he was already 2.8-2.9kg=/ now that is scary cuz estimated weight will most probably be even bigger than tia. tia was 3.2kg.uwaa. next mon if tak keluar lagi and scan size is 3++ i think we'll just csect him way im pushing a baby that big out of my vjayjay that eherm...might spoil my entire sex life. lol. pardon me. plus i dont mind a csect since i already have the scar. maybe more work for the docs cuz of all the adhesions but....if u have to go for it then  u have to lah.
Week 39...waiting and waiting.

I've started my maternity leave, using my annual leaves. like 13 days of it. and i can tell you it is so bloody satisfying. I get to play dollhouse and playdoh and paint all day with tia. and its nice to be there when she wakes up and thruout the day and be there whenever she calls 'mommy'. I do get a lot of help from my mom and tia's bibik...but it feels good to just be present. 

ok to be honest, I am anxious, waiting for the day. i have no signs whatnot just yet. its like u wish to deliver now but ure just plain scared. what's going to happen this time around? and all your fate belongs in Allah's hands. whether ur birth is a pleasurable one, pleasant one, another ugly episode.....its really not for us to predict. Bismillahitawakaltu Alallah. Ya Allah, please make it easy on me this time...

So will update again when little RJ decided to say hi to the world!
Til then, cheers everyone, and I would like to humbly ask for your prayers...
Take care:)


  1. somehow touching i bc entry ni..i was in ur shoes last jan. anxiously waiting for my second baby to pop up..i was also trying vbac on her coz i had to go through long labour like urs (when u had tia) and to find out that my ilyaas stuck on my pelvis..the same case happened to my imani..she poo poo in my womb n yet doc still allow me to go normal birthing procedure coz i was dilated 6cm already.. by 7-8cm, doc find out, imani's face was facing upward which make it more difficult for her to make her way through my last minute, same case with first one, i go for emergency czer with epidural on...different feeling tho sebab 2nd time around i feel more relax n berserah pada Allah..dpt tgk baby keluar. first time dulu full bius..

    nevertheless mcm u ckp, we already had the no regret at all. plus i percaya why Allah gave me sepasang cahaya mata...becoz He knew i cant deliver them dpt sepasang make me more than happy. u pon klu xdpt vbac shud think like this..:)

    but i pray for ur successful birth story for little RJ...go for vbac...iallah kesakitan tu dpt hapuskan dosa kita..if kena cser jugak, no regret...

    read my birthing story here

    1. I've read your story..thank you cuz it made me feel motivated...sebenarnya takut sebab dulu knocked out tapi this time maybe awake like you...i have scheduled a csect this friday sebab my pelvic opening too small for the baby to go thru and byk sgt facts of failure...terserah kpd Allah swt....hopefully all will go well.....:)

  2. i like this post..
    am waiting my period to come right now tp mcm xde je. nervous. but this time i redha if ada. cz i was going thru abortion last september (2nd pregnancy) due to cystic hygroma hydrops when the baby was 4months old in my tummy. so after that i mcm control. tp ni mcm xde period pulak ha. somehow read ur post buat i rs ok kali ni im ready to hv 2nd baby balik hehe

    anyway u r still look gorgeous wlaupun pregnant! huhuhu...
    pray for ur ease labor k.. :) all d best. geram tgk peha tia.gebu2. hehe

    1. thanks so much dear..pape pun u r so much stronger than me to go thru an abortion..i doakan u will have a really good pregnancy this time around insyaAllah:) good luck to all of us!


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