Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Update on the hemoglobin level.

Husband just took my blood and ran it in the lab.
My hemoglobin (Hb) or red blood cells level is 9.7 :)

Last week was 7.2. normal level is 12 i think, but I have to say i'm satisfied with that leap of 2 points. hehe.

I'm glad we decided to refuse the 2 pints of blood the doc offered to transfuse when i was admitted last again 2 weeks. For those who dont know, after delivering RJ i was readmitted 7 days after for a condition called postpartum hemorrhage. tumpah darah, orang melayu kata. my Hb fell down to around 5ish thanks to the Ampang Puteri nurses who left me swimming in my own blood on the hospital bed for 4 solid hours. still yet to post about that. malas sket. hehe

So what we've been doing to 'aggressively' work up my Hb levels? 
Double hematinics...and a diet which consists of a lot of hati and limpa. yucks. 

Lepas pantang dah tak nak makan 2 item tersebut.

Spent the whole night with yet another bout of plugged milk ducts. this time super pain to touch and hot to touch. wasnt feeling well already. called the urut lady over and she massaged the pain away.i think itll come back. should i pump milk every 2 hours now to prevent from future occurences? 

Yesterday tia saw me attempting to pump with a sad face and she came to me saying "mommy sakit, sayang..sayang" as she stroked my hair. i think that was really sweet:')

okay end of todays post. update blog everyday sebab RJ suka tidur. hehe


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