Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breastfeeding Diary : How to ease a Plugged Milk Duct.


Here I am, a super amateur breatfeeding mom trying to give out tips. ahaks.

To ease a clogged milk duct, the moment u feel some weird hardness on ur boobs that is not due engorgement..sila cepat2 sapu minyak Habbatussauda and massage firmly towards the nipple. selawat2 sikit.

Works wonders, man.

Oh and dont forget to also take a high dose of Lecitin. in my case i can only find Shaklee lecithin which is like 520mg per capsule so I take 3 capsules twice a day.

In the case of bottle training, I'm beginning to think that Suavinex bottle teats are the culprit of nipple confusion. bukak mulut sikit je dah boleh masuk. cantik je lebih. because of that i'm using back Tia's Tommee Tippee ones. tgk tia minum susu mulut buka luas je. so im gonna try that.

As for nipple soreness............no solution. will let u guys know when i found that trick -_-



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