Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Breastfeeding Diary: Of Plugged Milk Ducts and Sore Nipples. Taking Turns.

My kids are awesome..
Riz is such a cutie.
Especially when his little eyes surveys the room and responds to sounds and coos a bit here n there. his reflex smile.

Tia is a sweetie.
She kisses n pets Riz more now saying "sayang, sayang". minus those times when she screams around the house and saying no to everything and giving the maid a hard time pujuking her for meals and baths.

I am healing pretty well down there. lochia's lessening too. hb evels might still be low but i'm doing good.


like the previous post i wrote..the only problem now is breastfeeding.
Actually theres two. my maid is slacking on work. but thats not the point.
Every night I wish for a better painless, painkillerless day tomorrow. seriously.
When I wrote the previous post...I have a huge plugged milk duct, so big that my arm hurts when i lift it. Well it's gone now after two days of aggressive wet warm compressions and cabbage leaves patches and desperate breastfeeding positions. oh and even the sterile needle thingy. didnt get strings of milk spaghetti out but maybe poked a hole or two for him to pull out the crusted milk.

Think what actually made it go away was the position of which i put Riz flat facing up on a pillow and fed him from above. yup. sorta like my boob hanging down and praying that gravity takes charge. that one and then i did a football hold (and getting a pretty weird look from him from under my arm), and sideways while lying down. He did successfully sucked all the blocked ducts and now flow is okay....
image: http://feedthebabyllc.com

But guess what he left me with? SORE NIPPLES.
yeah la. repeated sucking kan. I think i did make sure his latch was alright all along. big wide mouth, lips like goldfish.

For now, left boob is fine, right boob stil feel bruised from previous clog. and nipple omg...sentuh baju pun sakit:( kalau pakai bra and breast shell nanti clog balik plak. adui. everytime its feeding time i would sigh. put in nipple in his mouth while singing n biting my lip. grin the pain away.

Plugged ducts scare me because, number 1: its painful and uncomfortable. number 2: Im scared of mastitis and the procedure which might follow. I have had enough of procedures done on me for now so no thanks.

However, what plugged ducts can tell you is...you have enough milk supply. Riz is sleeping long hours (I assume he's full and not just being a sleepy baby). Masa tia dulu paranoid2 takde susu. yang tu mmg salah technique la actually haha.

But despite all of this, I have decided to give it a few more days...maana la tau things wil get better like they promised. soreness will be gone. mana la tau. and also kesian dekat hubby sebab kena beli formula Tia, pampers utk 2 org...belum masuk sewa rumah n interest rumah baru. electric and astro and unifi. tu lain cerita. pastu nak tambah lagi formula sorg baby lagi? and I still havent pump sebab (1) Malas, cuz i sold of my medela fs and i only have an avent manual. (2) takut paranoid kalau tengok susu sikit. (3) leceh nak uruskan EBM. heat up sambil baby melalak, time frame EBM. But i gotta do it soon too otherwise its goodbye to jalan2 without baby (macam la org happy nak jage anak kita kan).

So thats my breastfeeding diary for today. everyday hoping for a better day. bila nak quit? Allahualam. tak sampai hati. tapi hati menderita. so status sekarang adalah nothing but confused.

ok Riz dah bgn. gotta go pop in some painkillers n feed him now.

Til then,

Sabby the confused mom.


  1. hi dear. first congrats on ur 2nd baby and selamat berpantang. 2nd, dun give up on breastfeeding dear when ur baby still want breastfeed and milk u byk. i know it's painful. I experience both the plugged milk and sore nipple during berpantang. n during berpantang mmg i terpaksa campur formula gak sbb mcm u ckp nak handle ebm time berpantang a bit azab leceh. but slowly u akan biasa. but u kena jugak perah susu dari skg sbb tuh akan kurang kan u nyerh plugged milk tuh. i kena plugged milk tuh 2x b4. mmg sakit. jgn lper kasi gilir2 kasi kiri and kanan breast. everytime u nk breastfeed ur baby, try urut n picit sikit breast u kuar susu baru kasi ur baby. tuh my confinement lady ajar. urutan breast pon memainkan peranan yang penting. try google kie cmne nak urut breast. but jgn givap dear. masa i kena plugged milk tuh mmg pening sgt kepala asik paksa baby i minum je. tp i tak givap. i urut, pump, urut, kasi baby minum, tuam air panas semua last2 sekali akhirnyerh susu kuar dari lubang yang tersumbat tuh mcm air pancut. alhamdulillah. rasa nak nangis kegembiraan pon ada. selawat byk2 masa u urut2 tuh kie dear. sore nipple tuh biasa nyerh 3-4 days je. mmg sakit sikit. tp tahan je dear. once recover lega yang hamat. try sapu sikit kat nipple tuh ngn susu u. baby i arituh baru ada gigi pon dia gigit2. sakit giler. 3-4 ari gak la recover. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the tip rai, appreciate it..tadi i ade panggil makcik urut tolong urutkan, dah tak sakit alhamdulillah. ntah bile akan block balik. pinjam pump dr kawan, ingatkan nak pump every 2 hrs..tapi tak sure nak buat tak..kalau asyik direct feed n baby mmg tak empty kan breast pn jadi balik.if only bnd2 ni just mcm tsunami..skali datang pastu surut. kalau long term mmg rase mcm teruskan bf stakat mampu je la. heheh.

  2. Why dont you use Bepanthen cream for the sore nipples? I used it during breastfeeding and it doubles up as an excellent diaper rash cream. Great thing about it is that u need not wipe it off prior to nursing. It works wonders.

    1. I've been meaning to try that! but i forgot to buy before deliver and haritu i asked hubs to buy medela lanolin plak. it works ok...okla maybe one of these days i pesan bepanthen cream tu. they just put there for diaper rash je kan?


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