Sunday, December 8, 2013

Breastfeeding Frustration. Again.

I think I'm going to fail breastfeeding again.
I know i have to be positive, milk is always there, breast is best yada yada yada.

But every single day since i came back from the 2nd admission I have trouble with breastfeeding.
One day its sore nipples, next day clogged ducts. then rewind.every single day.
RJ's latching is very lousy as well.

I wish i am as laidback as my mom....she breastfeeds up to 6months. "kalau tak cukup, ok bagi la formula. kalau cukup sampai leaking2 bagi la baby suck. ma tak pernah la plak sampai tersumbat2 macam ni"

Perhaps all three of us did not have a problem with latching?

Just got out from a hot shower. it's 11pm. was massaging my boobs to push this stonelike clog towards the nipple. praying hard. minutes before that i was pumping away with cabbage leaves pasted on the clog, then my mom helped warm compress it with a hot towel while i pump.

I cant do this everyday.
And cant be complaining to husband everyday. because his respond the other day was "what do u expect me to do?just 3 months ok, 3 months." yes, so that's my 'strength' talking. the strength which just discouraged me even more. do u know that at this point 3 months is ridiculous for me?

I am going to try. I'll call over the masseus tomorrow. if these problems still arise...then ill be expressing til theres no more milk and am going to fully bottle feed RJ.

Some of you might think "kesian gila anak2 dia" as u read this....but hello. a sane mom raises happy kids ok. no use pushing on the breastmilk when mommy needs to pop an antidepressant along the way.




  1. hi..u might want to try nipple shield to help ur baby suck correctly..i did that with my baby.
    hal bengkak tu mmg seksa..i bengkak smpi xleh angkat tgn. pump berjam2 tp xkuar susu.
    mmg i kna sabar gle2 tuam breast. i lipat handkerchief pjg2 n pressure my breast with it towards nipple.
    i even used sikat. hehe. dun give up kay. and theres nothing wrong bg formula milk kalau dh tpaksa. dun let
    people judge you. but yes nk bfeed ni mmg kna relax,chill and optimistic. at least to me la.

    1. thanks for the support babe:) i agree if nak bfeed kena chill and relax bt atm mcm impossible sbb my nipple rasa mcm kena siat2 T_T as for the plugged ducts, yes i did the tuam thingy..n yes! pump lama gila tak klua susu so panic woh. takut mastitis more than anything...i have a nipple shield standby but mcm salah size je! hehe

  2. I dulu pun like that. Bengkak and clogged. Tried cabbage, massage, hot shower etc tapi still macam tu. Until 1 day after reading 1 of the comment on FB group, I found that of the lubang clogged. I korek with sterile needle. Tak sakit but do it gently. Lepas tu baru okay and milk keluar lancar.

    1. thanks babe, on d same day i read this i tried picking it out with a sterile needle. tp sakit! maybe sebab mmg dah sore kot.i agree i did help abit. plug is gone btw. fewh alhamdulillah

  3. agreed. a sane mom raises happy kids!

  4. ermmmm i maybe kind of laidback mom like ur mom. mula2 dlu i stress xdpt bf. smpai 4months je..masuk 5bln she totally reject. i was an EP mom tapi xlama. huhu... tp i think positive, smpi situ je my bf journey..hopefully i can bf my nx nx baby haha. husband pn ok and ckp xyah stress. im happy, husband happy, baby pn kenyang n happy, sihat yg penting.hehe. good luck anyway :)

    1. to me 4 months is impressive weh. n not as laidback cuz u did bf after all! congrats;) i have the same thoughts la babe. skrg ni i tak happy, so i cudt play with tia n i cant enjoy riz. sedih..just tunggu masa nk give up je ni. huhu

  5. uhh.i can feel the pain,clogged ducts and sore nipples really challenging!try to call breastfeeding peer counselor around your place maybe they could help you.i have a cousin who could not bf her son since the first day.But,for her second child she managed to bf her baby.cuba try seek advice from them:)

    1. i know someone...but she's a liitle bit extreme with her breastfeeding thing..takut i yg terpsycho rasa mcm bad mama. ya la babe..kene baju pun sakit. this pain is like worse than labor n hemorrhage put together. if only husbands can see that. haha

  6. Hi, feel symphathy for your condition. If the boops are clogged doesnt it mean that you actually produced a lot of milk? Perhaps the latching needs to be corrected. I'm struggling with this bf thing as well until one day I gave up and pray; God if you want my baby to drink my milk, you will help me to provide. Otherwise You think that it's ok if my baby is supplemented with formula.
    Dont give up dear, bf is not everything though i agree that we should strive to try. For sore nipple you may want to use breast shell to protect from cloth and provide extra room for air as the best medicine for sore nipple.. Good luck


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