Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2 months of Riz Johann Radzli

Riz is growing up so fast. One moment he looks tiny and fragile, then in a blink of an eye he's already smiling and responding to our voices and could lift up his tiny head at tummy time:) he is such a blessing to us. both of these two little people. like Dr Halina said on her blog...i thought i'd never be able to love him as much as i love tia cuz i thought i've given her all my love..but hey true enough, ive got so much more love growing inside me.hehe

Riz Johann started out pretty insecure of the environment outside mommy's tummy. he cries a lot, which made me feel pretty tied up with him and start to rule out gas and colic. but in the end its none of those (although i've given him almost quarter of a bottle of gripe's water to date). it just turns out that he's a baby who wants a lot of hugs and cuddles to be happy:')

Milestones so far...lifted his head up during tummy time at about 6 weeks old and now getting stronger, social smiles around the same starting to paddle his legs and arms when he's happy (especially during bathtime), and also some baby chats. not as talkative as tia at his age..but he's doing it:) all good all good.

Habits pulak.....ha this one needs to sleep on his tummy. must check on him frequently when he naps and at night. so far alhamdulillah ok. he can turn his head from one side to the other on his own. our night calls are at 3am and 6am. he doesnt like his day naps..or perhaps too much stimulation around him.he's already trying to chew on his fingers by reflex n that always wakes him up from naps. so i have to swaddle him and lay him down on his side, and pat him to sleep. only recently he would take a pacifier so i popped that in too. for the first 7 weeks i have been carrying him around in a carrier to put him to sleep. man that was tiring. and i cant play or take care of tia too.

As for feedings, yup. mostly on formula now. and i am much happier. i can handle both kids better and nothing hurts anymore. the other mommies can say whatever they want. cuz they wont stop. if its not bout breastfeeding its about me carrying him around all the time. kat aqiqah haritu kene tegur "tp sanggup ke angkut baby merata macam ni?" so takde ape yang betul lah.

Thats about it for now.we're stil trying to find a helper to replace the old one..but it's been hard cuz of the raids theyre conducting nowadays. i hope the 2 maids got caught and jailed and deported back to bandung. however, honestly i cant cope with 2 kids. its ok when only 1 is awake at one time. but usually when i was trying to feed one of them the other one would have poop in her diaper. so.....yeah. my parents have been the best support system i have at the moment..

okay til then,

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