Thursday, January 30, 2014

Survival Checklist (part of) for an amateur mommy of two.

Hi, how's everyone doing?

So i am currently having breakfast with tia  while typing this. i'm a new mommy of two with no helper at the moment so things have gotten a bit upside down. i do still stay with the parents but u cant expect them to fully take charge of ur children right?

I have days when hubby has gone to work and my mom needs to get some chores done around the house or go out with my dad so i am left alone to tend to the kids.if one is awake at one time it's still manageable..but when both are awake...lets just say its kind of impossible to split myself into would demand to b carried or fed..and the other one would also ask to b carried,yup only when im carrying adik n then create some rebellious agendas to get mommy's attention. crazy kan..

here's my item survival checklist when i have both awake at a time:

1. my Jumpsacbaby orbit carrier - to carry Riz while i hold tia's hand down the stairs. but most of the time Tia will say "mommy carry tia" and i hav to distract her bfore going downstairs. its also most useful when i need to do light chores.riz will even fall asleep in it sometimes.feels like ure preggers again with a huge tunmy in the way of everything.

2. a maxi cosi - permanently located in the kitchen. while i put Tia in a babychair i will put riz in the maxi cosi and rock him if he's awake. most of the time Riz will cry for me to pick him up:-|

3. toddler eating skills- my mom said "kena suap lahh.she's just a baby".er..valid for a supermom like her but not me. speaking of this..oh look at tia dipping her whole hand into her bowl of cereal with milk.tak kuasa lah nak say no cuz she'll think of something else which is more annoying.haha.ill just clean that up later *shrugs*

4. ipad- i'm sorry.i need not say anymore.without this gadget tia willl turn the house outside down.there must be some quiet time somehow so we'll just whip out this miracle gadget. i could make her those montessori activity stuff but...bah.

5. Baby rocker - to put riz in while i bathe tia in my parents bathtub. u see, little riz is very clingy.he wants hugs n cuddles and see mommy all the time. lol

Ok gtg...tia is using my mom's sofa as a trampoline!


  1. wow. wow. wow. triple wow.

    I can imagine myself in your shoes. that must be - helplessly tiring! taking care of one pun dah penat semacam. and imagine two! nevertheless, be strong Sabby! A friend of mine always reminded me when (I felt like..) things get tough - "Bila jadi mak, semuanya pasti boleh!"

    Good tips! Will definitely apply when baby no.2 arrives! InshaAllah

    1. lol yeah that would be correct..helplessly tiring! but enjoying it nonetheless...perhaps its just an adjustment period and i'll get better who knows. hehe


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