Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby Ballet for 2 years old? maybe not

So i brought tia to a trial baby ballet class over the weekend. i know right, arent these classes for 3 year olds? but by school year she is 3 this year. but..atm only 2 years 3 months.however she has only begun to dance to Hi5 with me and in front of the mirror and followed me stretch and all so i thought hey, who knows she might actually like it and grow up to be a ballerina? (note the excited mother statement)

And that's the longest she stayed in class. at introduction itself she bawled telling teacher i want mommyyyyy.

and hey, mommy is just sitting outside seperated from her by a..a..sliding glass door (mommy pulak nak nangis).


So i guess we wont be seeing her in cute functional tutus at such a young age.

Ok before people start to call me evil stage first intention wasnt to force her into dance.its just that with riz around sometimes she lazes around watching tv...n i feel bad seeing her like that. ive thought of nursery play school but she's still not independent yet and besides the trampoline incident..she bawled at the drop n shop gymboree class not ready for that too.thats y i opted for a 45mins baby ballet class with a huge sliding glass door so she cud see that im there waiting for her. but still a no-no. haiya.

Being a dancer, of course deep inside i feel very disappointed that she doesnt have an instant excitement looking at a huge space with mirrors around. however, i need to remind myself that she has only been on earth for a total of 2years and 3 months which means that she is still a BABY. and that dance esp ballet requires discipline and stress..and not just crazy erratic movements.

and also unlike gymboree where teachers will try to soothe the child for a long time before returning them to parents..the ballet teacher straight away sent her out without even soothing her. 

I hereby conclude that baby ballet is mostly for excited mommies n grandmommies (some were coaxing their girls to go into the studio like moi, some bought 100bux ballet shoes right before class only to have the girl insist to come out of class halfway, some boasting bout how their girl likes to dance n dress like fairies, being independent n not cry) and i thought it wasnt a very nice environmnt for tia and i to be in. as for ballet classes..ill let her dance to hi5 for a while more and try again when she's 5 and understands what the class is for. saye cube je.xcube manelah nak tau outcomenye. nama pun trial class kan.especially free trial class^.^

however i do hope she'll be braver in the next few months to at least have fun in the gymboree art n music class with her friends without her mommy hugging her :') i know i will miss her needing me like this so no pressure. we'll just cont to go to the parents-children classes okay darling?:)

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