Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cuti Menjaga Anak (with letter template).


Riz Johann is now 3 months plus. meaning i shud be back at work last week.
I am still at home, taking care of my two precious:)
My husband said, crankily taking care of my two precious..erm. maybe part of it is true, i do get cranky sometimes when the toddler decides to be difficult or when the baby wakes up not for dreamfeeds but for extra attention. biasa lah, my case i am prone to get a bit cranky.

As predictable as i am, yes I have taken the 'Cuti menjaga anak' which we government servants are allowed to take. it can go up to 5 years but I took 6 months off cuz i think i wud be terribly broke by the end of 6 months. Its a much needed break from work and also to give me a chance in bringing up both my kids and watch their milestones in front of my very eyes, like ive always wanted. whether i am good or bad at this house mommy thing...belakang kira.

It does seem like i do nothing but sew, do arts with tia, bring her for gymboree play and take selfies with my little rizzy but i guess all sahm would agree that it is waay more than that. perhaps a lil bonus for me is my maid (yup new one) but she does a lot of the housework like cleaning and cooking whereas i manage the kids. well it is a little cheating but hey i am sane because of this. ye lah, i am not perfect, i honestly openly confess that i cannot manage two lil babies by myself. but i am satisfied that i do hands on for my kids and i guess thats all that matters.

In conjunction with the mothercare, gingersnaps and elc sale thats happening this week, and one which i have gone to without fail everytime...yup, i am a bit panicky about my financial freedom. i have some saved away but its for emergency purposes. i dont like asking husband to buy things i want. or ask if we can eat luxuriously. i miss everything i used to do and the me time that i had while working but nothing beats spending the day with the children. they drive me crazy sometimes but which children don't? i do get lonely sometimes and finds myself eagerly waiting for husband to come home everyday but i dont know. i am at peace. i carried these 2 children for 9 months and had their hearts beat inside me so having them under my watchful eyes everyday gives me unexplainable peacefulness. in the end, this peacefulness wins over all the financial restrictions, me time and luxury eating. i am enjoying every minute of my cuti jaga anak.

I've seen people share templates of surat rasmi permohonan cuti jaga anak so i thought i'd post mine too. kot-kot la sape2 cari kat sini kan. hehe. basically you need to apply 1 month before your maternity leave comes to an end, and you need to attach your maternity leave application, sijil beranak anak and sijil perakuan bersalin from your gynae. here's the template:

Nama Pemohon
Cawangan Dasar dan Perkembangan
Bahagian _____________________
50590 Kuala Lumpur                                                                           16 Januari 2013
Ketua Penolong Setiausaha Kanan
Unit Pengurusan Sumber Manusia
Bahagian Khidmat Pengurusan
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Aras 7, Blok E7, Kompleks E,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan



Dengan hormatnya saya ingin merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

2.         Untuk makluman Tuan, saya telah mengambil cuti bersalin bergaji penuh selepas melahirkan anak kedua saya. Cuti bersalin tersebut adalah daripada ______ sehingga ________ (90 hari).

3.         Lanjutan daripada perkara tersebut, saya ingin memohon kelulusan Ybhg. Dr untuk menggunakan kemudahan cuti menjaga anak selama 6 bulan (180 hari) iaitu dari  ______  sehingga _____ pula mengikut Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bil. 15 Tahun 2007. Permohonan ini saya ambil kerana ingin menumpukan perhatian yang sepenuhnya menjaga kedua-dua orang anak saya. Selain daripada itu, saya juga sedang berusaha untuk mencari seorang penjaga yang sesuai kerana penjaga anak saya sebelum ini telah tamat kontrak pekerjaannya dengan keluarga kami.

4.         Sehubungan dengan itu, bersama-sama ini disertakan surat perakuan tarikh bersalin untuk tindakan. Saya amat berharap Tuan dapat meluluskan permohonan saya ini. Perhatian dan pertimbangan Tuan amat saya hargai dan didahului dengan ucapan terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Penolong Pengarah Kanan

Cawangan ________________

So here I go on my 6 months journey:)....wish me luck and happiness throughout these 6 months kay:)


  1. Ctg ni kna tulis hantar kat sapa? Cth sy kerja bahagian kesihatan.

    1. rasenye bahagian kesihatan under kkm gak kan. so boleh je ikut macam kat atas. kepada (melalui) pengarah bahagian kesihatan contohnye

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